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Republika e Iliris Iliria is a nation led by President SixSadistic66 on the continent of South America. Republika e Iliris Iliria's government is a Democracy with very liberal social policies. Economically, Republika e Iliris Iliria favors moderate policies. The official currency of Republika e Iliris Iliria is the Dollar. At 379 days old, Republika e Iliris Iliria is an ancient nation. Republika e Iliris Iliria has a population of 3,967,391 and a land area of 19,980.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 198.57. Pollution in the nation is everywhere. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Iliria knows no fear, and no surrender!
Pantheon since : 07/07/2018
Infrastructure Destroyed: 200,011 (01-06-2019)
Wars participated in : Knightfall, The Great Sock.
Expect me, like you expect Jesus!

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1)07/21/2019 10:29 am Mythic BankIliriaChakkeDe$
2)07/19/2019 05:37 am IliriaHigh Gods BankIliria$8,000,
3)07/13/2019 07:14 pm Pantheon BankIliriaComtona$0.0050,
4)07/13/2019 05:37 am Pantheon BankIliriaIliria$15,000,
5)07/10/2019 12:55 pm IliriaPantheon BankIliria$75,000,
6)07/08/2019 06:37 am BankIliriaUnited Autarch Societies$170,000,
7)06/30/2019 02:08 pm IliriaPantheon BankIliria$10,000,
8)06/28/2019 10:50 am IliriaPantheon BankIliria$160,000,
9)06/27/2019 11:02 pm Pantheon BankIliriaComtona$72,528,
10)06/27/2019 10:37 pm Pantheon BankIliriaComtona$350,000,
11)06/27/2019 02:25 pm NATO BankIliria$669,892.001,566.0068.0031.0021.0038.0023.0034.0024.00102.0055.0022.00
12)06/24/2019 11:12 pm Pantheon BankIliriaComtona$60,710,
13)06/19/2019 06:23 pm Pantheon BankIliriaIliria$1,200,,000.004,
14)06/18/2019 02:35 pm Arrgh BankIliriaOle Vonaire$
15)06/15/2019 09:52 pm European States BankIliriaBelgum$829,021.001,511.0013.00102.00130.00108.0044.0012.00121.0097.0078.00300.00

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