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Federated States of Orbis



Want your voice heard? We are THE democracy of Orbis. Pursue freedom, growth, and democracy with us, and join the Great Crusade for Freedom!

We offer:
Low Taxes so that the common man can grow
A Meritocratic government chosen based on skill
A Democracy that listens to the people's call
A Brotherhood of Freedom that defends our fellow man no matter the cost

Note to Foreign Entities:

We reserve the right to counter for any members, regardless of perceived activity or status as an applicant. Espionage operations may be regarded as acts of war and responded to accordingly by our Protector. For any FA inquiries, or to establish an embassy with us, please head over to our FA Discord.

 Note to Applicants to the FSO:

Discord is required for easy communication with instant messaging compared to the lackluster in-game messages. Failing to make contact will lead to removal from the applicant list. 

To Apply to the FSO:
Click the "Join" Button next to our alliance page
Take a look at our Bulletin Board to see our alliance expectations

Click on the link above to join our Discord Server
Go to the #apply-to-join channel
Click on the "Create Ticket Button"
Ping @DeterminedGeneral, our Ticketing Guy

Ask a gov member with in-game messages or on the main server if you need help


Protectorate Policy:
We are currently not looking for protectorates. When looking at a protectorate request, we look for alliances that show signs of growth, democracy, and government competence. Our vetting process is strict but we are willing to hear you out.





Vice President:

Marcus Liddell


Secretary of War:

Merit R Edwards


Secretary of State:



Secretary of Finance and Economic Development:

Yami Moto Ken


Secretary of the Interior:

Free Jamia

Secretary of Education



Attorney General



Speaker of the House of Commons:

Members of the House of Commons:

Uni Dani

Hermione Granger

Frank Martin

Faris Wheeler

Marcus Liddell

The House of Peers:
Alexander Davis



Basic Information
Alliance Name: Federated States of Orbis (FSO)
President: Pegleg
Vice President : Marcus Liddell
Secretary of the FED: Yami Moto Ken
Secretary of Education: Sir_Kotsos
Secretary of State: Agent Crew
Secretary of War: Merit R Edwards
Secretary of the Interior: Free Jamia
MP: Hermione Granger , Uni Dani , Frank Martin , Faris Wheeler
Founded: 08/16/2021 (654 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Bourbon Blue
Members: 53
Alliance Rank: #25 of 782 (3.2%)
Score: 132,041.95
Avg Score: 2,491.36
Discord Server: Click Here
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 6 (10.17%)
Beige Nations: 3 (5.66%)
Gray Nations: 2 (3.77%)
Alliance Treasures: 0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 0.00%
Total Cities: 841
Total Infrastructure: 1,655,455.89
Total Land: 2,148,225.00
Total Population: 221,235,560
Total GDP: $224,657,299,540
Total Soldiers: 6,455,676
Total Tanks: 548,177
Total Aircraft: 50,032
Total Ships: 6,730
Total Missiles: 135
Total Nuclear Weapons: 18
Wars Won: 1,926
Wars Lost: 749
Michael Bluth591.23
Abisai Williams208.10
Saul El Grande123.10
Sophia Lewis90.70
Trump No10.25
Hoffman Loto184.90
Garry Halcyon313.29
Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
Protectorate CarthagoN/A