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Basic Information
Alliance Name: Federated States of Orbis (FSO)
President: Marcus Liddell
Vice President : Free Jamia
Chief of Staff : Edward XII
Attorney General: Pegleg
Secretary of Education: Jason Mackintosh
Secretary of State: Marris Billiam
Secretary of War: Sir_Kotsos
Secretary of the Interior: Aldwulf
Undersecretary of FED: Uni Dani , Kalumba Mavoungou
MP: Ingstar Mandar , Alexander Davis , John Swanson , Michael jackson III , Merit R Edwards
Founded: 08/16/2021 (920 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Purple is Legion
Members: 56
Alliance Rank: #25 of 519 (4.82%)
Score: 200,438.55
Avg Score: 3,579.26
Discord Server: Click Here
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 3 (5.08%)
Beige Nations: 7 (12.5%)
Gray Nations: 3 (5.36%)
Alliance Treasures: 0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 0.00%
Total Cities: 1,035
Total Infrastructure: 2,157,550.85
Total Land: 2,773,498.00
Total Population: 288,184,736
Total GDP: $355,265,442,882
Total Soldiers: 6,195,144
Total Tanks: 757,810
Total Aircraft: 63,104
Total Ships: 7,016
Total Spies: 2,334
Total Missiles: 215
Total Nuclear Weapons: 44
Wars Won: 2,642
Wars Lost: 1,086
No Applicants
Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
Type Alliance Text
MDP NemesysN/A
Protectorate CarthagoN/A