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Pantheon is a fun community that focuses on comradery, military tactics and economic growth!

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Ichigo Kurosaki
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Champion of the Gods, Military Affairs; Llojslands
Olympian of Foreign Affairs; Nietzsche Bismarck
Olympian of Internal Affairs; PRESIDENT
Olympian of Military Affairs; Ramejuri
Olympian of Economics; HexdePixel
Deity of Military Affairs; Gabi Epic Gamer
Deity of Internal Affairs; OPEN
Deity of Foreign Affairs; OPEN
Deity of Economics; OPEN

If you are interested in joining Pantheon, join our Discord and follow the instructions in the #application channel to start an interview.
As an applicant you are expected to make contact on Discord within 72 hours or you will be removed from Pantheon.

We protect our members and our applicants so think twice about raiding any of us!

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