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Pantheon is an alliance that focuses on economic growth, comradery, and a fun community!

User Images

User Images
Gaia, Co-Titan: Yui/Purpleymoon
Atlas, Co-Titan: Don Juan

Hephaestus, Olympian of Internal Affairs: Ivan
Hades, Olympian of Economics: Sphinx
Apollo, Olympian of Foreign Affairs: Don Juan
Artemis, Olympian of Military Affairs:
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Zeus, Deity of Foreign Affairs:
Dionysus, Deity of Internal Affairs: Purpley Madden
Prometheus, Deity of Internal Affairs: Lionstar
Hermes, Deity of Economics: Rainbow
Plutus, Deity of Economics: Mark Grace
Deity of Military Affairs:

User Images
User Images
Commander of the Rapid Response Unit:TBA/N/A


All players wishing to join Pantheon, please apply in-game and join our discord channel (link below) so we can process your application.

We welcome all to visit us at our Discord and forums.

MDoAP with The Knights Radiant, Deus meets Zeus
PIAT with House Stark, Treaty Announcements


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