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We're an alliance of weeaboos bound by common goals and interests. We're a close-knit community, but we're always looking for more people! We believe in Weebunism, an ideology in which all waifus are loved (and lewded) and no waifu is neglected. In our alliance, we idealize kinship among our members.

We have a single tax bracket for the whole alliance that fluctuates based on situation. Inactive members, however, will have an 100% tax rate. Those inactive for longer than a period of 7 days without reason will be notified and moved to applicants.

We reserve the right to protect our members and applicants, regardless of their activity.
Poach or defect at your own risk.

Discord is mandatory if you are to join the alliance.

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Current Anthem
android52 - super anime groove 3d world
(Remix of Kana Hanazawa - Recover Decoration)
Original Songandroid52 Remix

Former Anthem(s)

Sawai Miku - Colorful (Kamaboko Remix)
Original SongAsterisk DnB RemixKamaboko Remix
MezameP - paranoia (Kano Cover)
Original SongKano Cover
mafumafu - I wanna be a girl
[JP:女の子になりたい, Onnanoko ni Naritai]
Original SongEmpiur Cover
wowaka - Unknown Mother Goose (Cover by Fantastic Youth)
[JP:アンノウンマザーグース, Announ Mazaa Guusu]
Original SongFantastic Youth Cover
Yuki no Shingun (Girls und Panzer OST)
[JP: 雪の進軍; EN: The Snow March]
Original SongGirls und Panzer OST (Erwin and Yukari)Girls und Panzer OST (Off Vocal)

Säkkijärven Polkka (Girls und Panzer OST)
[EN: Karelian-Finnish Polka]
Original SongGirls und Panzer OST Instrumental
sohta - Ikanaide ft. Kaai Yuki (Kano Cover)
[JP: いかないで ; EN: Don't Go]
Original SongKano CoverMafumafu Cover
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble - This is an Attack (Cover by Hinako Umori)
[KR: 공격전이다, Gonggyeokjeonida ; JP: 攻撃の勢いで, Kougeki no Ikioi de / 攻撃戦だ, Kougeki Sen Da]
Original SongHinako Umori Cover

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