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Evlamican Empire

The Evlamican Empire is a nation led by Prime Minister Evlar on the continent of Africa. The Evlamican Empire's government is a Parliamentary Republic with very moderate social policies. Economically, The Evlamican Empire favors left wing policies. The official currency of The Evlamican Empire is the Pound Sterling. At 2,410 days old, The Evlamican Empire is an ancient nation. The Evlamican Empire has a population of 11,301,029 and a land area of 82,900.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 136.32. Pollution in the nation is evident. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

The great Empire was once the bastion of the Evlamican faith, and now stands as a testament to the strength and progress of the Evlamican people who turned to secularism and democracy to match the teachings of the faith, which encourage acceptance and progress over tradition and uniformity. Base.png Knightfall.png dial-up.png

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