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Holy Path Shilo is a nation led by Lightbringer Leftbehind on the continent of South America. Holy Path Shilo's government is a Banana Republic with very liberal social policies. Economically, Holy Path Shilo favors moderate policies. The official currency of Holy Path Shilo is the Bus Tokens. At 1,014 days old, Holy Path Shilo is an ancient nation. Holy Path Shilo has a population of 5,452,218 and a land area of 41,040.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 132.85. Pollution in the nation is everywhere. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Former Head of IA for The Enlightenment.
Former Head of Econ for Soup Kitchen and Pantheon.
Former Head of IA and Second In Command of The Underground.
Former Low Milcom Gov for Acadia.

Now I'm done.

Praise be my children for the light has been shined upon the darkness. As the great lighthouse guides the paths of our wary sailors so does the Lightbringer cuts away the fog of our minds to bring us to true Enlightenment.

Discord: Leftbehind

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1)07/04/2020 02:52 am ShiloAcadia BankShilo$41,000,
2)07/04/2020 02:46 am Acadia BankShiloShilo$0.000.002,500.003,,
3)06/06/2020 06:28 pm ShiloAcadia BankShilo$220,000,
4)06/06/2020 06:28 pm ShiloAcadia BankShilo$100,000,
5)06/06/2020 06:27 pm Acadia BankShiloShilo$100,000,
6)06/05/2020 03:58 am ShiloAcadia BankShilo$
7)06/05/2020 02:54 am Acadia BankShiloShilo$,
8)06/02/2020 02:40 pm Acadia BankShiloShilo$0.0020,
9)05/26/2020 04:16 am ShiloAcadia BankShilo$10,000,
10)05/26/2020 04:16 am Acadia BankShiloShilo$,
11)05/26/2020 12:48 am Acadia BankShiloShilo$0.0070,000.002,
12)05/23/2020 08:24 pm ShiloAcadia BankShilo$20,000,
13)05/23/2020 03:41 pm Acadia BankShiloShilo$0.000.002,500.,500.
14)05/22/2020 02:11 am Acadia BankShiloShilo$,
15)05/20/2020 03:22 am ShiloAcadia BankShilo$139,525,

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