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International Oil Shilo is a nation led by President Leftbehind on the continent of North America. International Oil Shilo's government is a Banana Republic with very liberal social policies. Economically, International Oil Shilo favors moderate policies. The official currency of International Oil Shilo is the Bus Tokens. At 803 days old, International Oil Shilo is an ancient nation. International Oil Shilo has a population of 1,242,030 and a land area of 35,940.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 34.56. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Head of Econ for The Soup Kitchen.

Here in Shilo it's only big oil, we'll mine and dine ya because it's always a fracking good time here. Yeee Haw!

Discord: Leftbehind

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1)12/01/2019 04:39 am Soup Kitchen BankShiloShilo$16,000,,000.000.00
2)11/30/2019 11:35 pm Soup Kitchen BankShiloShilo$0.0015,
3)11/13/2019 05:34 am Soup Kitchen BankShiloShilo$9,000,
4)11/13/2019 05:27 am Soup Kitchen BankShiloShilo$6,000,,000.002,000.001,000.001,000.00
5)11/08/2019 06:05 am Order of the Fallen Angels BankShiloEvopia$447,539.001,525.0020.0017.0028.0032.0034.001.009.0041.0051.0020.00
6)11/08/2019 06:04 am Grumpy Old Bastards BankShiloGrilled Cheese Kingdom$
7)11/08/2019 12:28 am Soup Kitchen BankShiloShilo$6,000,
8)11/07/2019 12:23 am ShiloSoup Kitchen BankShilo$,
9)11/06/2019 05:38 am ShiloSoup Kitchen BankShilo$7,000,
10)11/06/2019 05:35 am Soup Kitchen BankShiloShilo$,
11)11/04/2019 07:18 pm ShiloSoup Kitchen BankShilo$,000.00
12)11/04/2019 07:14 pm Soup Kitchen BankShiloShilo$115,000,
13)10/26/2019 06:08 am Soup Kitchen BankShiloShilo$8,000,,000.004,000.000.002,000.00
14)10/25/2019 12:04 am Soup Kitchen BankShiloShilo$5,000,,
15)10/23/2019 01:49 pm ShiloSoup Kitchen BankShilo$,,000.00

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