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The People's Theocracy Of Estoreasia is a nation led by President Chris Pampango on the continent of Asia. The People's Theocracy Of Estoreasia's government is a Theocracy with very moderate social policies. Economically, The People's Theocracy Of Estoreasia favors far left wing policies. The official currency of The People's Theocracy Of Estoreasia is the Estoreasian Stonkai. At 666 days old, The People's Theocracy Of Estoreasia is an ancient nation. The People's Theocracy Of Estoreasia has a population of 3,382,865 and a land area of 31,635.77 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 106.93. Pollution in the nation is evident. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Welcome To The Nation Of Estoreasia!

(Estoreasia Was Previously Obocchama Kun)

Estoreasia Is A Southeast Asian Nation With A Population Of 397,162,040 And It's Area Is About 3 Million Sq Km.

Estoreasia Was Founded On December 1 2086

This Nation's Government Is Theocracy And It Will Have Good Diplomatic Relations With Other Nations 

Foreign Relations With Other Nations 




Democratic Socialist Cities 

Republic Of Meg 


Blue States


Communist Britian

Holy American Empire 

Brotherhood Of New Eden



Friendly Relations 

Neo-German Empire 

Soviet Federation 


Cascadia (If Present)

Dauchh Palki 

The Canadian Federation 

Chittagong State 


New Olzsytn

Neutral Relations 


My Little Union


Mexican Union



United Provinces Of Japan (UPJ)

Empire Of Tibet


Hostile Relations 

New Zukesa (For Destroying The Previous Nation For No Reason)

Geographical Boundaries 

So This Nation Of Estoreasia Will Be Surrounded By Two Nations

Johore Darul Takzim From West- Sumatra & Java

Tania From North- North Borneo 

This Nation Is A Anti-Horridism Nation Like Obocchama.

Map Of The Nation Of Estoreasia 


The President Of Estoreasia Is Chris Pampango From May 7th 2091 To Next General Elections In 2096


So That's For Now!

We Will Pray That This Nation Will Do Heavy Mobilization And Do A Great Achievements For The World!

Vive La Estoreasia!

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Date Sender Receiver Banker Money Food Coal Oil Uranium Lead Iron Bauxite Gasoline Munitions Steel Aluminum
1)04/12/2024 12:40 pm EstoreasiaSix FlagsEstoreasia$881,556.005,625.000.0029.0066.000.00378.000.00142.000.000.00354.00
2)02/06/2024 09:42 pm EstoreasiaDevlin Republic of RoDevsEstoreasia$0.009,022.000.0017.00102.000.00563.000.00116.
3)12/11/2023 07:15 am EstoreasiaEstoreasia$109,596.00684.000.00115.00156.000.001,010.000.00503.0060.005.000.00
4)12/03/2023 11:50 pm EstoreasiaSoviet FederationEstoreasia$852,231.002,149.000.0085.00139.000.00648.000.0088.00111.002.00176.00
5)11/28/2023 05:45 pm EstoreasiaAnti-Horridism Obocchama Kun BankEstoreasia$25,000,
6)11/19/2023 02:18 am EstoreasiaMetalicraftian EmpireEstoreasia$525,068.001,465.000.0029.0060.000.00166.000.00298.
7)11/18/2023 10:12 am EstoreasiaNation nameEstoreasia$673,038.002,133.000.0040.0084.000.00230.000.00405.
8)08/24/2023 02:43 pm EstoreasiaGator CountyEstoreasia$96,800.003,369.0015.00554.0033.000.00702.000.00670.006.00476.006.00
9)08/14/2023 02:01 pm Anti-Horridism Obocchama Kun BankEstoreasiaEstoreasia$603,723.00149.0015.0035.005.0050.0035.0015.0075.0015.0035.0035.00
10)08/12/2023 05:01 pm Anti-Horridism Obocchama Kun BankEstoreasiaEstoreasia$0.001,500.000.0017.0016.0075.0032.0030.0094.00114.00101.0037.00
11)08/12/2023 05:12 am Anti-Horridism Obocchama Kun BankEstoreasiaEstoreasia$913,
12)07/26/2023 01:49 pm Anti-Horridism Obocchama Kun BankEstoreasiaEstoreasia$643,000.002,000.00200.
13)07/26/2023 01:48 pm EstoreasiaAnti-Horridism Obocchama Kun BankEstoreasia$10,000,
14)07/17/2023 05:44 pm Anti-Horridism Obocchama Kun BankEstoreasiaEstoreasia$700,
15)07/17/2023 04:49 pm Anti-Horridism Obocchama Kun BankEstoreasiaEstoreasia$

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