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CELESTIAL DIVINE CelestialDream is a nation led by BlaCkAssOs BlaCkAssOs on the continent of Europe. CELESTIAL DIVINE CelestialDream's government is a Democracy with very liberal social policies. Economically, CELESTIAL DIVINE CelestialDream favors moderate policies. The official currency of CELESTIAL DIVINE CelestialDream is the Euro. At 1,284 days old, CELESTIAL DIVINE CelestialDream is an ancient nation. CELESTIAL DIVINE CelestialDream has a population of 1,274,379 and a land area of 88,700.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 14.37. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

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1)08/16/2019 05:23 pm Guardians of the Galaxy BankCelestialDreamOrd Mantel Shadow Collective$588,786.00234.007.00138.
2)08/13/2019 11:04 pm New Pacific Order BankCelestialDreamPacifistan 1$97,
3)08/13/2019 11:03 pm Black Knights BankCelestialDreamTri Poloski$317,079.00244.0035.0084.0024.0047.0027.0043.00138.00111.0030.0048.00
4)08/02/2019 04:03 am The Commonwealth BankCelestialDreamSvalbard$13,300.004.0018.000.000.0016.0014.
5)07/28/2019 03:26 pm Acadia BankCelestialDreamState of Crisis$30,783.0037.
6)07/28/2019 12:02 am Polaris BankCelestialDreamBogan Nation$47,864.0031.
7)07/28/2019 12:02 am New Pacific Order BankCelestialDreamPolonia Overlordship$22,968.0046.
8)07/28/2019 12:01 am New Pacific Order BankCelestialDreamImperial Empire$537,180.001,090.00112.00112.000.0013.0028.0015.00187.00171.00105.0035.00
9)07/27/2019 08:34 pm CelestialDreamGrumpy Old Bastards BankCelestialDream$100,000,000.00500,,,000.000.0050,
10)07/11/2019 11:59 pm Grumpy Old Bastards BankCelestialDreamFelandia$250,000,000.00350,,,000.0030,000.0030,000.0030,000.00
11)06/27/2019 06:20 pm United Purple Nations BankCelestialDreamConfederate States$278,456.
12)06/27/2019 12:42 pm United Purple Nations BankCelestialDreamZion$45,452.
13)06/24/2019 01:23 pm Alpha BankCelestialDreamKangaroo Ocean$106,827.
14)06/24/2019 01:22 pm Alpha BankCelestialDreamDutch Company$118,
15)06/24/2019 01:21 pm Alpha BankCelestialDreamLoxy$53,401.

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