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Novaya Rimskaya Respublika

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The Marxist-Trotskyist Democracy of Novaya Rimskaya Respublika is a nation led by Commissar Maximus Democraticus on the continent of North America. The Marxist-Trotskyist Democracy of Novaya Rimskaya Respublika's government is a Communist Democracy with very anarchist social policies. Economically, The Marxist-Trotskyist Democracy of Novaya Rimskaya Respublika favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of The Marxist-Trotskyist Democracy of Novaya Rimskaya Respublika is the Aureus. At 1,013 days old, The Marxist-Trotskyist Democracy of Novaya Rimskaya Respublika is an ancient nation. The Marxist-Trotskyist Democracy of Novaya Rimskaya Respublika has a population of 2,887,556 and a land area of 26,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 111.06. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is sufficient with an approval rating of 55.0481%.


 The Most Powerful Rant... is more of a Lamentation.


"The responsibility of revolutionary Marxists is to develop among workers, as they pass through colossal political experiences, an understanding of the necessity for an independent struggle for power. The revolutionary Marxists must counsel workers against all illusions that their democratic aspirations can be achieved under the aegis of bourgeois parties. They must expose ruthlessly the false promises of the political representatives of the capitalist class. They must encourage the creation of independent organs of workers’ power which can become, as the political struggle intensifies, the basis for the transfer of power to the working class. They must explain that the realization of the workers’ essential democratic demands is inseparable from the implementation of socialist policies."

-David North, February 2013 Speaking on the crises facing the Egyptian Revolution

Founder and First Leader of The Aequitas International


The Aequtias International will prevail!

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For on the 133rd International Workers' Day...

Novaya Rimskaya Imperiya returned from the ashes to try once again at life.

March 5th, 2023/October 15th, 2085: Respublika Replaced Imperiya


Cities (Current/Former):

1: Capital City; Novogo Rima/Tampa

2: Milania/St. Petersburg

3: Florencia/Clearwater

4: Pravda/Lakeland

5: Internationale/Spring Hill

6: Trotskygrad/Sarasota

7: Luxembourgia/Homosassa Springs

8: Marxopol/Orlando

9: Bolshoy Leningrad/Bradenton

10: Nova Kirovohrad/Miami

11: Nova Ulyanovsk/Jacksonville

12: Narodagorod/Mexico City

3 Major Rivers (To be updated):

United Manatee River (Initially 2, Little Manatee and Manatee; artificially combined into one; continues inland via tributaries)

Little Volga (Formerly the Alafia; considered the State River despite being the smallest of the 3 major)

The Greater Severnaya Dvina (Formerly the Hillsborough; Largest River)

Other notable sites (To be expanded upon)

Krasnyy Rimskaya Armia/ Krasnaya Rimskaya Aviation Vetvi Central Command, located south of Novogo Rima

Official List of some Unique Guaranteed Liberties/Certain restrictions/Cool Facts (Yes, we make changes regarding foreign criticism):

-No limits on marriage and relationships of humans.

-Full rights to all races (human and non), ethnicities, gender identities, etc.

-Citizens maintain full unabridged voting rights.

-Citizens may call vote to impeach and reestablish government and politicians.

-Women maintain right to Abortion at any time without restrictions.

-Citizens may own firearms other than military grade weaponry, but must not have a criminal record of any sort.

-Worker unions must be independently run by the proletariat, and should such become obstructed, the union may be dissolved by popular vote, and a new one established.

-Citizens maintain the right to own personal property (house, car, belongings, etc.) as long as it does not enter the realm of excessiveness and be used as a method of establishing dominance over, i.e., exploiting, others.

-Citizens reserve the right to practice any religion in private and public. The Communist Democracy will not persecute any religions whatsoever unless they become violent and destructive.

-Cannabis may be legally purchased for medical reasons but may only be used in private in respect to non-users.

-Tobacco products have been phased out for internal sale. They may only be purchased by current users from outside the country, and must show proof of foreign residence.

-Foreign corporations and banks may only do business with the National Government; large private enterprise is prohibited (small/family businesses are allowed).

-All emissions are carbon-free; we do not rely on fossil fuels anymore.

-Nuclear material is strictly for energy production; Rimskaya shall never commit to a Nuclear Weapons program. Ever.

-Free and unrestricted immigration and emigration, including civil/labor and refugees.

-All levels of government are banned from restricting strike action or protests, including responding to such with militant force by police or soldiers.

-The defense budget shall never under any circumstances exceed the total combined budget of: healthcare, infrastructure, education, disaster relief, production, pensions, and other welfare projects.

-Uncensored media, though regularly fact-checked.

-In extreme cases, citizens maintain the Right to Revolution, that is, to take up arms and overthrow the National Government, should it become tyrannical, reactionary, and/or counterrevolutionary, including by foreign influence and/or invasion.

(To be continued...)

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National Factbook
Flag: National Flag
Nation Name: Novaya Rimskaya Respublika
Leader Name: Maximus Democraticus
Currency: Currency Image
National Animal: National Animal Image
History: Formed in December 2020 out of a collapsing USA (See non-existent 2020 disaster reference book for details), the people of Tampa (Now Novogo Rima) and central Hillsborough studied Communism's true ideas, from the Manifesto rather than western "media". We then set out to perfect them. Before then, they were normal U.S. citizens, however as we began to embrace Communism's deathless ideals, the Federal Government saw us as an enemy, and quickly worked to suffocate our movements, but all attempts were in vain, as the people refused to let the bourgeois put them down. Maximus Democraticus led the people in armed rebellion against the state of Florida and the United States through November and December, and on the 2020 Winter Solstice, that succeeded with help from Russia and China, among others, after which, Novaya Rimskaya Imperiya was born as Jupiter and Saturn conjoined to form the Winter star. After many years, we have finally found the real ideology's aspects, not dictatorship and oppression, but rather the opposite. Since then we have done our best to keep people equal and happy, yet free and prosperous, and will continue to do so for years to come. The leader does not believe in war and plundering, and prefers more diplomatic actions, though we certainly will declare offensive wars of we see fit. As we expanded, we came across a world of many nations, some for people (Yes), some for power (No), some for money (Um...), and some for memes (REEEEEEE). We grew and formed our own identity, and have always successfully made peace with both aggressors and defenders if they are willing to do so. The future of our nation lies with the people and other nations. What lies beyond is uncertain, what lies at the end, is obvious: Peace and happiness.
Revival of May 1st: We have come back. Having learnt about Trotskyism, we are not prepared to negotiate peace with fascists, Stalinists, or imperial capitalists any longer. We are here again.
Continent: North America
Land Area: 41,842.84 sq. km
Terrain: Our terrain is very flat like the rest of the former state of Florida. We have many mangroves on the coast, and wetlands dot the forested landscape. Our water supply is based off the Alafia river (renamed the Little Volga) that runs through the middle of the country, and empties into Tampa Bay (Now the Bay of Marx). We lack hills and high elevation spots, but contain plenty of lowlands, and large man-made mounds form mining or waste disposal.
Highest Peak: Roma peak, 115 meters
Lowest Valley: Caesar Basin, -4 meters
Climate: Our climate is humid/subtropical, because of our proximity to the equator and our surrounding bodies of water. We have a hurricane season that ranges from June 1st to November 30th. Tornadoes are frequent in the Spring (And by frequent we mean still rather rare). We receive rainfall larger than that of nearby northern regions, but not as much as the Caribbean and South America.
People & Society
Population: 2,887,556 people
Demonym: Rimskayan
Demonym Plural: Rimskayans
Ethnic Groups: Floridaman - 80.0%
Russian - 15.0%
African American - 5.0%
Languages: English - 75.0%
Russian - 23.3%
Latin - 1.7%
Religions: Dreemurrism - 90.0%
None - 0.0%
None - 0.0%
Life Expectancy: 0 years
Obesity: 15%
Alcohol Users: 0%
Tobacco Users: 0%
Cannabis Users: 1%
Hard Drug Users: 0%
Description: This nation has a Socialist economy in which all property is shared equally and publicly rather than by corporations or the state. There is no ban on wealth, and people can own businesses, but no one business or group of them can take control of the economy, and workers are allowed to protest without risk of losing their jobs. There is no forced labor except as punishment for crime, and people may work as pleased, however they know they must work sometime, as they know all will fail otherwise (and rather work for yourself for food and the nation than for a corporation that pays you barely anything)
Average Yearly Income: $47.30
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $1,373,628,135.00
GDP per Capita: $475.71
Gross National Income (GNI): $-216,832,265.00
Industries: We produce our own state of the art military equipment, utilizing technology from right here in Rimskaya's state science departments.
More recently, we've also been expanding coal and iron mining, with all mining controlled by democratically led Rank-and-File Committees by the miners themselves, only overseen on a limited scale by the National Government.
History: The Krasnyy Rimskaya Armia (Red Roman Army) was established many months before the 2020 Winter Solstice rebellion, though it acted as underground militias until they organized following the revolution and developed the other branches of the Armed Forces. The Air Force was created just a week after the revolution, and the Navy was made days later, followed by the Rimskayan KGB. Our military is quickly on the rise, and while serving mainly for defense, offensive wars will be declared of the conditions are right and just. This may make us look soft, but do not underestimate us. Our plans for the future are ambitious regardless of our peaceful policies- and no matter how strong the enemy is, someday, somehow- Democraticus shall have his vengeance for wrongdoings towards OUR nation.
UPDATE 6/16/2022 aka 3/13/2077: The military was placed on perpetual neutrality after the completion of a raiding spree. That faced almost immediate threat when "The Chaos Insurgency" began to threaten our nation with attack and infiltration. As of this writing war has not begun but tensions continue to rise.
UPDATE 6/20/2022 AKA 4/28/2077: Neutrality has been repealed as the military prepares to face the Insurgency in a war of God versus Demon.
UPDATE 6/24/2022 AKA 6/13/2077: The War with the Insurgency ended in peace. The military will hereby undergo rapid shrinking to recover the civilian economy and infrastructure.
Soldiers: 195,000
Tanks: 16,250
Aircraft: 975
Ships: 195
Missiles: 3
Nuclear Weapons: 0
Last Updated: 09/25/2022 02:32 pm