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Meria is a nation led by Lord Albus Dumbledore on the continent of Australia. Meria's government is a Republic with very moderate social policies. Economically, Meria favors moderate policies. The official currency of Meria is the Dollar. At 1,333 days old, Meria is an ancient nation. Meria has a population of 9,916,299 and a land area of 138,530.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 71.58. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.


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1)04/17/2019 11:23 am Church of Spaceology BankMeriaMeria$300,000,
2)04/16/2019 02:08 am Banca Vaticana BankMeriaHoly See$5,291,623.
3)04/16/2019 01:20 am Banca Vaticana BankMeriaHoly See$20,523,511.
4)04/09/2019 02:13 pm Banca Vaticana BankMeriaHoly See$7,016,
5)04/08/2019 02:38 am Banca Vaticana BankMeriaHoly See$20,587,
6)04/02/2019 01:13 am Banca Vaticana BankMeriaHoly See$20,681,546.
7)03/31/2019 10:26 pm Banca Vaticana BankMeriaHoly See$9,504,878.
8)03/26/2019 01:28 am Banca Vaticana BankMeriaHoly See$9,628,
9)03/12/2019 07:43 pm MeriaChurch of Spaceology BankMeria$150,000,
10)03/12/2019 01:03 am Valinor BankMeriaHoly See$21,466,547.
11)03/09/2019 09:25 pm MeriaChurch of Spaceology BankMeria$150,000,
12)02/24/2019 10:22 pm Church of Spaceology BankMeriaEmerald Bank$500,000,
13)02/23/2019 08:50 pm MeriaChurch of Spaceology BankMeria$200,000,000.00800,
14)02/18/2019 04:14 pm Valinor BankMeriaHoly See$5,600,
15)02/17/2019 02:34 am Valinor BankMeriaHoly See$28,653,846.

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