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The Conclave of Aldamary is a nation led by Hierophant Victor ier Romanova on the continent of Asia. The Conclave of Aldamary's government is a Theocratic Republic with very liberal social policies. Economically, The Conclave of Aldamary favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of The Conclave of Aldamary is the Ruble. At 262 days old, The Conclave of Aldamary is an old nation. The Conclave of Aldamary has a population of 4,804,960 and a land area of 36,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 133.47. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is mediocre with an approval rating of 41.2298%.

Aldamary is a liberal state with morality derived from the tradition of Arracourt, and bankrolled by the fires of heavy industry. The core belief of Arracourt is industry. Long ago the world was gifted to our people and it is our holy right to exploit everything found in and on the ground. Regardless of your line of work Arracourt commands that you will dominate this world and bring it fully into compliance. All of the native life has two choice, convert or be subjugated. All are welcome to join the Conclave from these new territories. The Writ of Community demands that Arracourt provides for all faithful. All members of the faith regardless of background are deserving of prosperity and love since they live within the Conclave. The Writ of Loyalty commands that the citizens of the Conclave come to serve in its defense, to fuel its industries, and to keep the teaching of Arracourt within their hearts. Combined with the religious law the Conclave of Aldamary provides economic support to less well of citizens. This intersection of beliefs results in a liberal theocratic republic that seeks to dominate the industries of this world. =========================================================================================================== 

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National Factbook
Flag:National Flag
Nation Name:Aldamary
Leader Name:Victor ier Romanova
Currency: Currency Image
Land Area:57,936.24 sq. km
Highest Peak:Celeste, 2,037 meters
Lowest Valley:Lendel Jag , -670 meters
People & Society
Population:4,804,960 people
Demonym Plural:Aldamary
Ethnic Groups:Soliam - 72.3%
Gol - 25.1%
Ze - 2.6%
Languages:Solian - 88.3%
Golic - 9.1%
Ze - 2.6%
Religions:Conclave Arracourt - 84.8%
Unitary Arracourt - 12.6%
Ze-Arracourt - 2.6%
Life Expectancy:67 years
Alcohol Users:93.7%
Tobacco Users:21.1%
Cannabis Users:23.6%
Hard Drug Users:6.8%
Description:The Conclave of Aldamary has a heavily regulated capitalist economy where companies are usually publicly traded for profit ventures. The laws of Aldarmary mandate that foreign entities combined can never own more than 7% of the total shares of of a domestic company, with those working in defense or oil markets having it limited to 1% ownership. Aldamary Department of Oversight heavily regulates the price of food, medicine, insurance, housing, electricity, water, and domestic transportation which are scene by the government as necessities for its citizens. Environmental regulations are entirely nonexistent for the oil industry with limited worker protection regulations due to the strong connection between the prosperity of oil and the nation in general.
Average Yearly Income:$141.89
GDP per Capita:$1,508.02
Industries:Oil is the life blood of Aldamary industry and the wealth generated from the extraction and export of crude oil is used by the government to fund many social programs. The single track nature of Aldamary industry has led to a boom bust economic cycle dependent on the whims of the larger international market. Despite pressure to change this system the government of Victor ier Romanova is content to continue focusing on oil production. The constant influx of money and reprocesses being seized by the Sapper Corps has led to the establishment of many new industries which either use these reprocesses or support the Sapper Corps in being able to continue its operation.
History:The Conclave of Aldamary limited military tradition originated with traveling Wardens leading bands of volunteer faithful militia men to protect individual cities against local threats. This system which stood the test of ancient history soon found itself obsolete after witnessing the mass industrial warfare of the modern age. The speed an unity which large armies could achieve would never be matched by the decentralized command structure of the Wardens. With the election of Victor ier Romanova in 873 ac the government underwent a massive change of policy from a defensive to offensive focus.

The Sapper Corps was established in on the 74th of Rielik, 876 ac with the passing of the "War Department Act" to bring the wealth of foreign lands back to the Conclave to fuel our industries and growth. Under the leadership of Warden ier Mannerheim the new Sapper Corps would be mobile force with a focus on helicopter born air assault operation and rapid armored units capable of seizing and exploiting the wealth of foreign lands. "War Department Act" created a second branch of the armed forces the Heralds of Arracourt which commands the warships, dedicated attack aircraft, and bulk transport craft used by the Sapper Corps.
Nuclear Weapons:0
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