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Iceland is a nation led by King Ice on the continent of North America. Iceland's government is a Republic with very moderate social policies. Economically, Iceland favors moderate policies. The official currency of Iceland is the Dollar. At 2,275 days old, Iceland is an ancient nation. Iceland has a population of 11,325,317 and a land area of 63,600.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 178.07. Pollution in the nation is everywhere. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Land of Ice and beautiful women

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1)07/19/2021 02:35 pm Arrgh BankIcelandMagnicia$
2)06/12/2021 11:10 pm The Firm BankIcelandKingdom of Cape Breton$90,000,
3)06/12/2021 10:45 pm The Firm BankIcelandKingdom of Cape Breton$1,000,000,
4)05/20/2021 12:33 am The Firm BankIcelandKingdom of Cape Breton$62,000,
5)05/07/2021 02:36 am The Ampersand BankIcelandPandorax$16,520.
6)05/05/2021 12:13 pm The Ampersand BankIcelandThe Union of Free Men$102,790.
7)05/01/2021 10:16 pm IcelandThe Syndicate BankIceland$1,200,000,,000.000.0050,000.000.00
8)12/25/2020 06:39 pm The Enterprise BankIcelandEvhiedan$100,000,
9)12/19/2020 06:17 pm The Company BankIcelandKuromorimine$235,837,918.,000.005,000.000.005,000.00
10)12/19/2020 06:13 pm The Company BankIcelandKuromorimine$566,227,339.
11)12/19/2020 05:14 pm BankIcelandromaxland$
12)12/16/2020 11:50 pm The Company BankIcelandKuromorimine$5,000,,000.006,000.006,000.005,000.00
13)12/14/2020 10:26 pm The Company BankIceland$20,000,,000.0010,000.00
14)12/09/2020 11:18 pm BankIcelandRepublic of Yorkshire$20,000,
15)12/01/2020 03:18 pm IcelandThe Syndicate BankIceland$7,000,,500.000.00

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