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Mad Land
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Mad Land is a nation led by King MisterW0lfie on the continent of South America. Mad Land's government is a Democracy with very moderate social policies. Economically, Mad Land favors moderate policies. The official currency of Mad Land is the Dollar. At 200 days old, Mad Land is an old nation. Mad Land has a population of 2,235,198 and a land area of 26,650.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 83.87. Pollution in the nation is evident. The citizens' faith in the government is sufficient with an approval rating of 64.9269%.

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1)06/20/2019 02:04 pm Church of Spaceology BankMad LandButterkupistan$10,942.
2)06/19/2019 02:13 am Mad LandMythic BankMad Land$40,000,000.000.004,840.001,565.,000.002,000.002,000.002,000.00
3)06/19/2019 02:10 am Seven Kingdoms BankMad LandVaukria$199,560.00322.000.007.0029.0010.000.000.0090.00114.00103.0080.00
4)06/18/2019 08:52 pm Church of Spaceology BankMad LandUnited Mongols$179,
5)06/18/2019 06:13 pm Valinor BankMad LandThe Great Kingdom Of Charms$925,550.00273.003.001.0041.0059.005.003.00148.00151.00388.00125.00
6)06/18/2019 03:05 pm Mad LandMythic BankMad Land$23,000,
7)06/17/2019 02:06 am Mystic BankMad LandDryad$,000.00
8)06/16/2019 09:01 pm Mad LandMythic BankMad Land$40,000,,,000.002,000.002,500.002,500.00
9)06/16/2019 08:54 pm Empyrea BankMad LandNCRC$366,820.00240.0022.0049.0038.0038.0011.009.00130.0090.0056.00171.00
10)06/16/2019 08:54 pm Soup Kitchen BankMad LandPandorax$299,930.0080.
11)06/16/2019 02:19 pm Animation Domination BankMad LandNineState$75,682.004,454.000.000.0039.
12)06/16/2019 02:18 pm Animation Domination BankMad LandHipHopLand$35,246.002,
13)06/16/2019 02:16 am Mad LandMythic BankMad Land$37,000,,000.00
14)06/16/2019 02:01 am Animation Domination BankMad LandByzentious$17,353.008,802.000.000.0077.
15)06/13/2019 04:57 pm Mad LandMythic BankMad Land$3,000,,500.005,000.00

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