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SBK NEWS Doge is a nation led by INUYAMA SHIBAO Doge on the continent of Africa. SBK NEWS Doge's government is a Social Democracy with very conservative social policies. Economically, SBK NEWS Doge favors extremely right wing policies. The official currency of SBK NEWS Doge is the Dong. At 682 days old, SBK NEWS Doge is an ancient nation. SBK NEWS Doge has a population of 6,333,526 and a land area of 64,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 98.96. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

Hi I'm Doge :)

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1)07/27/2020 04:57 pm DogeKnights Templar BankDoge$0.00184,,000.0046,000.000.0034,500.00
2)06/01/2020 06:24 am Under Quarantine BankDogeFederation of Hades$0.0060,
3)05/22/2020 07:21 pm Under Quarantine BankDogeFox Den$0.0040,
4)05/21/2020 12:27 am DogeKnights Templar BankDoge$14,453,827.080.000.001,,002.840.
5)05/19/2020 12:40 am Under Quarantine BankDogeFox Den$,000.000.00
6)05/17/2020 06:19 am Under Quarantine BankDogeFederation of Hades$0.0030,
7)05/15/2020 03:54 am Under Quarantine BankDogeFederation of Hades$13,000,,100.006,700.00
8)05/14/2020 11:52 pm Under Quarantine BankDogeFox Den$280,000,
9)05/12/2020 04:30 pm Under Quarantine BankDogeFederation of Hades$30,000,000.0027,,000.00
10)05/06/2020 09:28 pm Doge BankDoge$0.000.0021.00276.000.004.00155.00277.750.
11)05/01/2020 10:04 pm The Knights of The Blood Oath BankDogeKingdom of Kendromia$83,424.00376.
12)04/29/2020 06:32 pm Doge BankDoge$2,000,000.000.0066.00721.00600.00435.00428.001,,000.00
13)04/27/2020 04:08 am Pantheon BankDogeNorthern United States$619,945.00258.
14)04/27/2020 04:08 am Camelot BankDogeFrogtopia$225,292.00111.0013.0020.0017.0020.0016.0020.0020.0014.0018.0025.00
15)04/23/2020 08:11 am Pantheon BankDogeCompromisso$84,794.0015.

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