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The Enterprise


Knowledge Leads To Greatness

Protected by The Syndicate

The Enterprise is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Syndicate.

As should go without saying, the Enterprise protects all members and applicants, regardless of perceived inactivity. Raiders, this is your only warning - you will not profit.

The Syndicate applicants will be redirected for intensive training here. If you are seeking an invitation to The Syndicate, you must first join The Enterprise.

If you are interested in joining, join our Discord and ping @ESM on the server in the #applications channel with your nation link to be assigned an interview room. Posts in any other channel will be ignored at the discretion of management.

Applicants are expected to make contact on Discord within four days or you will be removed.

Director of Investment (FA) - Itachi
Director of Finance (Econ) - Leopold von Habsburg
Director of Human Resources (IA) - The Tool Man
Director of Security (MilCom) - Utmos

Chief of Management - Vincent Marchinetti

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