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The Commonwealth


Welcome to The Green Enforcement Agency! (AKA The Commonwealth)!

The Commonwealth is an economic focused alliance based on strength and growth through unity and long established friendships. We cherish our members and invest time and money in making their game experience enjoyable and rewarding. The Commonwealth seeks dedicated, selfless and honorable members who will contribute to the betterment of our great community of nations.

Interested in Joining?
If you are interested in joining our community please message Purplemoon/Yui or Illenium
Discord is mandatory for all members.

The Commonwealth Government:
Prime Minister: Sphinx
Chief of Staff: Purplemoon/Yui

Minister of Finance: Christian Dahl
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Purplemoon/Yui
Minister of Internal Affairs: Lionstar
Minister of Defense: Sven Shieldmaker
Minister of Growth and Culture: Illenium

Deputy Ministers
Deputy Minister of Finance: Edgeworth
Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs: Reuben

Master Olive: Aesir - also a pokemon
Supreme Olive: Printer635
Drunk Alex Jones: Kalev60
Minion Aficionado: Julian Rederic Gray
Defense Advisor: Comstock

Foreign Affairs
For Foreign Affairs inquires please contact
Sphinx or Purplemoon/Yui

Current Treaties:
MDoAP - The Knights Radiant
MDoAP - Guardian
MDoAP - Frontier Records

Protectorate - Purple Flower Garden
Protectorate - Wigglytuffs Guild
Protectorate - The Dixie Union

Raiding any of our members or applicants is considered an act of war and will be dealt with accordingly, it will not be tolerated!

We are currently not accepting any protectorate proposals
Taxes 5/5

Alliances have the ability to share their markets with other alliances, effectively creating multi-alliance markets only available to the members of the alliances involved.

Alliance NameDateMembersColorAverage ScoreScoreStatus
The Knights Radiant11/07/2016112orange2,159.00241,808.47Active
Purple Flower Garden02/12/20182green4,220.808,441.60Active
Wigglytuffs Guild02/15/20181green2,091.352,091.35Active
The Dixie Union07/04/201824red767.6818,424.30Active
iSTEM Alliance10/16/20182lime166.35332.70Active
Nova Riata02/10/201951brown1,404.1371,610.52Active