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Legion Of Dawn




Welcome to The Legion of Dawn




Heads of Government

Captain-General: Jeric

General: One-Eighty-Two 


Keepers of Dawn

Keepers of the Scroll (IA): Ashton Rowe, Johnny Forever

Keepers of the Blade (MilCom): Bozzie

Keeper of the Lightning (Tech): JDTech 

Keeper of the Bastion (FA): hamer


Guardians of Dawn

Guardian of the Coin (Econ): Christian Dahl

Guardian of the Blade (MilCom): Avicour 

Guardian of the Scroll (IA): Isaacdnz

Guardian of the Bastion (FA): Kan0601


Guardians of Dusk

Chief Viking: Sven Shieldmaker

Drunk Alex Jones: Kalev60



Foreign Affairs

For immediate Foreign Affairs inquiries please contact Jeric or Kan.

Alternatively, join our FA server.


Current Treaties

Member of WELP

Non-chaining MDoAP with the Hive

Non-Chaining oDoAp with The Fighting Pacifists

Protectors of Atlas Corp, Magister Mortalis




Interested in joining? 

Apply to the alliance. Join our Discord server, verify your account following the stated instructions, and type “$apply" in the public channel.

Applications of those who fail to join Discord and complete the application interview within 7 days will be ignored/rejected. 



For historical information: The Commonwealth, Farkistan



Discord is mandatory for all members.

Raiding any of our members or applicants is considered an act of war and will be dealt with accordingly, it will not be tolerated!

We are currently not accepting any protectorate proposals.


Seven star and Farkistan are extensions of Legion of Dawn. An attack on them is an attack on LoD.

Basic Information
Alliance Name: Legion Of Dawn (LoD)
Captain-General: Turk182
Guardian of Dawn: Christian Dahl , Avicour , Isaacdnz , Johnny Forever , Hamertime38
Keepers of Dawn: Kalev60 , Sven Shieldmaker , JDTech , Ashton Rowe
Herald of Dawn: Reg Penney , Ben Cassie
Founded: 10/07/2016 (2,694 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: The FAP's White Cream
Members: 58
Alliance Rank: #13 of 517 (2.51%)
Score: 307,609.53
Avg Score: 5,303.61
Forum Link: Click Here
Discord Server: Click Here
P&W Wiki Page: Click Here
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 5 (7.94%)
Beige Nations: 1 (1.72%)
Gray Nations: 4 (6.9%)
Alliance Treasures: 1
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 2.00%
Total Cities: 1,560
Total Infrastructure: 3,761,206.99
Total Land: 5,466,631.00
Total Population: 526,706,185
Total GDP: $748,557,402,055
Total Soldiers: 7,708,221
Total Tanks: 1,050,861
Total Aircraft: 106,552
Total Ships: 7,786
Total Spies: 3,023
Total Missiles: 232
Total Nuclear Weapons: 237
Wars Won: 4,802
Wars Lost: 2,948
Noah II4,529.51
Will Castle4,255.70
Veston I2,625.31
Ireri wa Muriuki1,606.30
Stephen J Strauss1,216.00
Jimothy Monkeyballs1,399.88
Top Dawg1,874.94
Luis Barros837.08
Luke Petersen319.49
Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
Type Alliance Text
MDoAP Dark BrotherhoodN/A
MDoAP Magister MortalisN/A
MDoAP micro pockyclypseN/A
MDoAP Seven StarN/A
MDoAP EclipseN/A
MDoAP WeebunismN/A
ODoAP Church Of AtomN/A
Protectorate YarrN/A
Protectorate Pika PartyN/A
Protectorate FarkistanN/A