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The gg Land of Kirkishvire is a nation led by King Alataq on the continent of North America. The gg Land of Kirkishvire's government is a Constitutional Monarchy with very moderate social policies. Economically, The gg Land of Kirkishvire favors far left wing policies. The official currency of The gg Land of Kirkishvire is the Dong. At 2,919 days old, The gg Land of Kirkishvire is an ancient nation. The gg Land of Kirkishvire has a population of 13,728,889 and a land area of 166,500.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 82.46. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is sufficient with an approval rating of 69.5746%.

3rd Nation to eat a Nuclear Weapon in Politics and War Delta.

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National Factbook
Flag: National Flag
Nation Name: Kirkishvire
Leader Name: Alataq
Currency: Currency Image
National Animal: National Animal Image
History: The OP land of Kirkishvire was founded on September 28th, 1987.

At the time of creation, it was not called this however. Kirkishvire first decided on a democracy, which turned out not to work. A president by the name of unknown leader was elected, due to the fact of him finding this land. Kirkishvire was under heavy raids by enemy nations. When the people looked to unknown leader for any help or advice on how to deal with them, he had none. After the raids were done, he decided to join an alliance. Due to his boredom however, he decided to leave the alliance and make his own alliance. This led to more people raiding him. The people were in absolute outrage. It was clear that this President had no idea what he was doing. They then marched up into his office building, grabbed him from his desk and killed him for his failure to serve his nation.
After the old leader was kicked out of office and killed, it was clear a change in the government needed to occur. This change was to make the Democracy into an Empire. The people agreed, and thus the first and so far only Emperor Alataq took over. After Alataq took over, Kirkishvire's position was moved to the East slightly more towards the water for better fishing. Since then the country has become a monarchy where King Alataq leads.

Ever since then, Kirkishvire has experienced the brutality of war. Despite having its nation destroyed (reset), it still has bounced back to become a top 100 nation. Kirkishvire also has experienced 3 nuclear weapons eaten and 3 missiles eaten.

"In times of suffering, people prosper." ~ Emperor Alataq ~: August 8, 1993.

In February of 1994, a very tough but needed decision was made by Emperor Alataq. Alataq decided to move the nation of Kirkishvire to the dry and strange lands of Northern Australia. This was to improve the aluminum and munitions production due to the fact that Greenland could produce neither Bauxite or Lead which are needed resources when making those refined resources.
Kirkishvire continues to be a strong nation to this day.
Continent: North America
Land Area: 267,955.11 sq. km
Terrain: Sep. 1987 - Feb. 1994: The terrain of Kirkishvire is quite mountainous and snowy. Due to its location in Greenland, Kirkishvire has never not had snow on the ground. Due to this, the transportation in Kirkishvire has always been a bit difficult. To get to different places, people have to ice skate.

Kirkishvire is also home to the three tallest mountains in Greenland

8,000 meters: Toppen av Doom
7,600 meters: Kjærlighet
7,300 meters: Død og ødeleggelse

Mar. 1994 - Present: The terrain of Kirkishvire is very dry and a bit bland. Due to its move from the cold land of Greenland to Australia, the people of Kirkishvire have been trying to get used to the heat. To get from place to place, the people of Kirkishvire use: cars, emus, kangaroos, bike and some people even walk everywhere.

Ever since leaving Greenland, there have not been many mountains in Kirkishvire

10 meters: Lumen Foederatio
5 meters: Dux de terra
2 meters: Sad Montem

There is one big basin in the present day Kirkishvire however, called The Οικόπεδο Basin which goes down 4000 meters which is equal to about 13,123 feet.
Highest Peak: Lumen Foederatio, 10 meters
Lowest Valley: The Οικόπεδο Basin, -4,000 meters
Climate: Sep. 1987 - Feb. 1994: The climate of Kirkishvire is always cold and snowy. Even in the hottest moments in summer, Kirkishvire still has some snow.

Mar. 1994 - Present: The climate of Kirkishvire has been hot and dry ever since Kirkishvire moved to Australia. There is not much snow and it hardly ever goes below 40 degrees (it has only gone below once)
People & Society
Population: 13,728,889 people
Demonym: Kirkishviran
Demonym Plural: Kirkishvirans
Ethnic Groups: Kirkish - 98.9%
Australian - 1.0%
Alataqish - 0.1%
Languages: Kirkishvirian - 99.9%
MrBootyish - 0.1%
Awkeke - 100.0%
Religions: Kirkishan - 92.0%
OhKEKE - 8.0%
Manese - 0.0%
Life Expectancy: 98 years
Obesity: 1%
Alcohol Users: 0%
Tobacco Users: 0%
Cannabis Users: 0%
Hard Drug Users: 0%
Description: Kirkishvire's economy is always at the verge of falling apart. Nobody has any idea what they are doing, and why should they? Most people who work in Kirkishvire works at stadiums, shopping malls, and banks. Some of the more hard working people, find themselves mining Bauxite and Lead and Coal (although there has been a recent lack of coal.) People find it strange how the economy is so bad, but that is just how it is in Kirkishvire though it is unfortunate.
Average Yearly Income: $188.25
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $9,169,872,532.00
GDP per Capita: $667.93
Gross National Income (GNI): $5,839,217,805.00
Industries: People do not tend to visit Kirkishvire a lot due to its strange location. Kirkishvire welcomes anyone who may choose to come in though, for it is the biggest industry in Kirkishvire.

~Our arms are open, HUG ME!~ Emperor Alataq: January 20, 1996
History: The history of the armed forces of Kirkishvire is a very complex history. In Kirkishvire's first days, the nation was constantly under attack. President -redacted- (at the time) tried to persuade the enemies to peace out by joining an alliance, this however did not work with how -redacted- was being treated. When he created his own alliance, he was being raided more. The armed forces of Kirkishvire then increased when he started raiding a bunch of people. Kirkishvire gave up the way of raiding and then decided to grow by joining another alliance. Ever since then, Kirkishvire has not had military unless preparing for/in a war.

UPDATE: Kirkishvire has military and will destroy you if you do anything bad.

Kirkishvire does hold 7 nukes and _ spies (hidden government info) though the amount of nukes is subject to change in the future.
Soldiers: 0
Tanks: 18,500
Aircraft: 2,775
Ships: 0
Missiles: 0
Nuclear Weapons: 0
Last Updated: 10/06/2017 12:06 am