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Sorcerous Kingdom of Magnicia is a nation led by Sorcerer King Ainz_Ooal_Gown on the continent of Africa. Sorcerous Kingdom of Magnicia's government is a Theocracy with very moderate social policies. Economically, Sorcerous Kingdom of Magnicia favors left wing policies. The official currency of Sorcerous Kingdom of Magnicia is the Dong. At 1,546 days old, Sorcerous Kingdom of Magnicia is an ancient nation. Sorcerous Kingdom of Magnicia has a population of 2,110,545 and a land area of 122,500.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 17.23. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is seriously lacking with an approval rating of 18.9569%.

Drawing-20191204-110907.png For the blind that can't distinguish between the real and the fake


You know how hard it is to [email protected]#$ raid a treasure all on your own? Me either. 

Good luck with your endeavors. 

The goal of all life is death. 

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1)09/21/2021 05:30 am The Fighting Pacifists BankMagniciaTriele$47,946.00148.
2)09/14/2021 08:49 am MagniciaArrgh BankMagnicia$70,000,000.0050,,000.005,000.000.00
3)09/14/2021 08:42 am The Fighting Pacifists BankMagniciaThe Ferngill Republic$209,629.001,965.002.001.0015.
4)09/14/2021 08:42 am The Immortals BankMagniciaNew Heaven$927,863.00235.00178.0096.0024.0076.0095.0065.0041.0082.00100.00109.00
5)09/14/2021 12:05 am The Immortals BankMagniciaVigilince$545,709.00259.00116.0061.0016.0049.0061.0042.0024.0052.0061.0059.00
6)09/14/2021 12:04 am The Fighting Pacifists BankMagniciaTriele$1,179,887.004,143.0010.006.0081.0036.0035.0020.0068.00229.00328.00429.00
7)09/13/2021 12:05 am Sanctuary BankMagniciaFacebook Moms Union$9,
8)09/12/2021 09:59 am Digital Dopamine BankMagniciaEmpire of Holy Britannia$3,886,123.00759.00107.0090.0020.00141.00117.00122.00232.00275.00371.00643.00
9)09/08/2021 08:01 am Global Alliance & Treaty Organization BankMagniciaProsaar$1,909,518.005,947.0076.0072.0027.0035.00201.00382.00252.00431.00683.001,099.00
10)09/07/2021 10:03 am The Fighting Pacifists BankMagniciaThe Ferngill Republic$529,345.00528.002.0010.
11)09/06/2021 11:06 pm Excalibur BankMagniciaCamelot 1$84,849,
12)09/04/2021 12:36 am MagniciaArrgh BankMagnicia$60,000,,
13)09/03/2021 12:14 am The Fighting Pacifists BankMagniciaCyndar Republic$1,622,841.00241.0069.0011.009.0017.004.0013.00173.00111.00142.00109.00
14)09/02/2021 02:58 pm The Immortals BankMagniciaEsin Rine$2,908,861.00824.00116.00105.0096.0047.0067.0028.00217.00299.00508.00319.00
15)09/02/2021 12:58 am The Street BankMagniciaBush land$1,838,175.000.00907.00675.

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