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The Workers Republic of Biscuitia is a nation led by Foreman of Freedom Steve Sten on the continent of Europe. The Workers Republic of Biscuitia's government is a Parliamentary Democracy with very liberal social policies. Economically, The Workers Republic of Biscuitia favors left wing policies. The official currency of The Workers Republic of Biscuitia is the Canadian Dollar. At 1,130 days old, The Workers Republic of Biscuitia is an ancient nation. The Workers Republic of Biscuitia has a population of 13,615,941 and a land area of 94,520.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 144.05. Pollution in the nation is a disaster. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Biscuitia, Land of the workers, land for peace.

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1)07/07/2020 06:33 pm Rose BankBiscuitiaIndo-Froschtia$974,212,403.00100,
2)07/04/2020 05:41 am BiscuitiaRose BankBiscuitia$340,000,
3)07/02/2020 03:21 pm Rose BankBiscuitiaIndo-Froschtia$,
4)07/01/2020 03:22 pm Rose BankBiscuitiaIndo-Froschtia$0.00150,
5)06/30/2020 04:25 am Rose BankBiscuitiaZakuul$,
6)06/28/2020 07:19 am BiscuitiaRose BankBiscuitia$130,000,
7)06/25/2020 08:41 pm BiscuitiaRose BankBiscuitia$130,000,
8)06/25/2020 03:56 pm Rose BankBiscuitiaZakuul$,
9)06/23/2020 03:28 pm BiscuitiaRose BankBiscuitia$170,000,
10)06/22/2020 06:15 am BiscuitiaRose BankBiscuitia$110,000,
11)06/18/2020 02:04 am Rose BankBiscuitiaZakuul$900,000,000.00150,,000.000.002,000.000.00
12)06/14/2020 12:03 am BiscuitiaRose BankBiscuitia$200,000,
13)06/12/2020 04:27 pm Rose BankBiscuitiaAneles$0.0050,,000.0030,
14)06/07/2020 11:45 pm Rose BankBiscuitiaIndo-Froschtia$700,000,000.0050,,
15)06/03/2020 01:15 pm Rose BankBiscuitiaZakuul$0.0090,,300.000.00

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