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Empyrea is a nation led by Commander Sir Scarfalot on the continent of South America. Empyrea's government is a Constitutional Monarchy with very libertarian social policies. Economically, Empyrea favors far left wing policies. The official currency of Empyrea is the Zloty. At 863 days old, Empyrea is an ancient nation. Empyrea has a population of 617,987 and a land area of 40,810.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 15.14. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

No-one has ever attacked this nation and ultimately extracted profit from it, only degrees of loss.

What do you play this game for? What do you want to accomplish?

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1)08/29/2019 05:15 am EmpyreaThe Golden Horde BankEmpyrea$0.000.00225.00952.000.001,099.0062.00661.
2)08/27/2019 12:01 am The Commonwealth BankEmpyreaNashville$12,751.0021.
3)08/26/2019 07:41 pm Electric Space BankEmpyreaArizzzonianic$263,309.0088.0019.
4)08/26/2019 08:09 am Black Knights BankEmpyreaTheocyn$24,460.0046.
5)08/26/2019 08:09 am Camelot BankEmpyreaNoaizo$639,089.00107.0021.0012.0010.
6)08/25/2019 11:55 pm The Commonwealth BankEmpyreaRivers$456.
7)08/24/2019 11:55 pm Anti Rain BankEmpyreaKuromorimine$3,000,,000.00
8)08/23/2019 08:31 pm Electric Space BankEmpyreaEtats Unis dAmerique$1,279,056.00515.0050.0044.0030.0024.0047.0091.0041.0013.0028.0012.00
9)08/23/2019 08:31 pm Camelot BankEmpyreaMeinir$228,731.0041.
10)08/23/2019 12:14 am EmpyreaThe Golden Horde BankEmpyrea$5,582,251.840.00356.00254.000.00213.00537.00188.
11)08/23/2019 12:09 am New Pacific Order BankEmpyreaYehelenia$162,241.0087.0019.
12)08/22/2019 11:57 pm Camelot BankEmpyreaNetherlands$1,036,117.00929.0094.0078.0048.
13)08/22/2019 11:57 pm InfoWars BankEmpyreaUnder-Germany$731,397.00907.0020.0029.0082.0010.0023.001.0029.0033.0011.0018.00
14)08/20/2019 09:27 pm Electric Space BankEmpyreaThe Dual Principality$270,148.00216.0021.0018.0012.0010.0019.0038.0021.009.0012.005.00
15)08/20/2019 06:42 am Electric Space BankEmpyreaRassea$285,694.00228.0022.0019.0013.0010.0020.0040.0022.009.0012.005.00

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