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The Holy Empire of Silvaienia is a nation led by Empress HannaH on the continent of Africa. The Holy Empire of Silvaienia's government is a Monarchy with very moderate social policies. Economically, The Holy Empire of Silvaienia favors right wing policies. The official currency of The Holy Empire of Silvaienia is the Dollar. At 850 days old, The Holy Empire of Silvaienia is an ancient nation. The Holy Empire of Silvaienia has a population of 484,041 and a land area of 34,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 14.24. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Her Imperial Majesty, the Holy Empress of Silvaienia, HannaH. Shiner of the Bald Spot, Snuggler of Kilo, Mistress of the Wiggle, Pal of Pika, and Soup Chef Extraordinaire. Also glittery.
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1)08/17/2019 11:20 pm Polaris BankSilvaieniaThe Siberian empire$499,682.00179.001.0016.0011.
2)08/11/2019 12:23 am SilvaieniaSoup Kitchen BankSilvaienia$,
3)08/11/2019 12:15 am Soup Kitchen BankSilvaieniaSilvaienia$,
4)08/11/2019 12:14 am Soup Kitchen BankSilvaieniaSilvaienia$,000.00
5)08/08/2019 12:35 am Soup Kitchen BankSilvaieniaSilvaienia$0.0050,
6)08/01/2019 01:27 am Soup Kitchen BankSilvaieniaSilvaienia$,000.00
7)07/28/2019 12:47 am Soup Kitchen BankSilvaieniaSilvaienia$0.0010,,
8)07/28/2019 12:43 am Soup Kitchen BankSilvaieniaSilvaienia$,000.00
9)07/28/2019 12:42 am SilvaieniaSoup Kitchen BankSilvaienia$
10)07/28/2019 12:42 am SilvaieniaSoup Kitchen BankSilvaienia$7,000,
11)07/26/2019 01:19 am Polaris BankSilvaieniaAssyrian Empire$85,936.00134.000.0015.005.000.0015.
12)07/24/2019 05:13 am SilvaieniaSoup Kitchen BankSilvaienia$25,000,
13)07/23/2019 02:29 am SilvaieniaSoup Kitchen BankSilvaienia$0.000.0052.000.000.0019.00277.0054.
14)07/22/2019 04:07 am SilvaieniaSoup Kitchen BankSilvaienia$18,000,
15)07/22/2019 04:05 am Union of Tea Drinkers BankSilvaieniasendiland$3,302,952.00327.0010.004.0075.001.00134.000.00421.001,267.0097.00147.00

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