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The Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire is a nation led by Basileus Belisarius on the continent of Europe. The Byzantine Empire's government is a Absolute Monarchy with very liberal social policies. Economically, The Byzantine Empire favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of The Byzantine Empire is the Orbis Note. At 1,319 days old, The Byzantine Empire is an ancient nation. The Byzantine Empire has a population of 14,955,407 and a land area of 124,620.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 120.01. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Our akritai keep watch across the Danube, across the Taurus, and across the sea for any danger. We will defend civilization against the darkness. Under the guidance of our Basileos, our politeia will endure forever!

The Quadruple Crown: (most tanks, soldiers, ships, and planes) - 1/9/17
FYI, resellers will be embargoed.

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1)03/21/2018 03:05 am The Byzantine EmpireRose BankThe Byzantine Empire$,000.000.00
2)03/20/2018 11:24 pm Rose BankThe Byzantine EmpireCalondia$490,000,
3)03/20/2018 04:42 am The Byzantine EmpireRose BankThe Byzantine Empire$,000.000.00
4)03/20/2018 04:42 am The Byzantine EmpireRose BankThe Byzantine Empire$100,
5)03/20/2018 02:55 am Rose BankThe Byzantine EmpireCalondia$300,000,,000.00
6)03/20/2018 02:47 am Rose BankThe Byzantine EmpireCalondia$65,000,000.00148,,,000.0038,000.000.003,000.00
7)03/20/2018 02:40 am Rose BankThe Byzantine EmpireCalondia$1,500,000,000.00500,000.0023,000.0039,000.0025,000.0018,000.0023,000.0012,000.000.00100,000.000.00100,000.00
8)03/19/2018 09:01 pm Rose BankThe Byzantine EmpireCalondia$0.007,000,
9)03/18/2018 05:25 am Rose BankThe Byzantine EmpireCalondia$0.002,000,
10)03/18/2018 05:18 am The Byzantine EmpireRose BankThe Byzantine Empire$,000.000.0080,000.000.00
11)03/17/2018 06:55 am The Byzantine EmpireRose BankThe Byzantine Empire$,000.000.00
12)03/10/2018 01:02 am Rose BankThe Byzantine EmpireCalondia$,000.00145,000.0030,000.0045,000.00
13)03/10/2018 12:13 am Rose BankThe Byzantine EmpireCalondia$3,500,000,000.004,000,,,000.00800,000.00700,000.00450,000.00
14)03/06/2018 09:42 pm Rose BankThe Byzantine EmpireJagulandia$2,000,
15)02/14/2018 09:24 am The Byzantine EmpireRose BankThe Byzantine Empire$30,000,

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