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Stillhard is a nation led by Big Stillhard on the continent of Africa. Stillhard's government is a Absolute Monarchy with very authoritarian social policies. Economically, Stillhard favors far right wing policies. The official currency of Stillhard is the Blood. At 848 days old, Stillhard is an ancient nation. Stillhard has a population of 6,754,167 and a land area of 58,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 116.45. Pollution in the nation is everywhere. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Just remember I'm Stillhard and I will nuke you
Protected by the great lords of SK

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1)02/16/2019 05:03 pm Seven Kingdoms BankStillhardStillhard$5,000,
2)02/16/2019 05:02 pm StillhardSeven Kingdoms BankStillhard$5,000,
3)02/10/2019 09:04 pm Seven Kingdoms BankStillhardStillhard$,600.
4)02/10/2019 08:30 pm Seven Kingdoms BankStillhardStillhard$48,000,
5)02/05/2019 07:43 pm Seven Kingdoms BankStillhardStillhard$21,743,157.380.
6)02/05/2019 03:51 pm Seven Kingdoms BankStillhardStillhard$400,000,,000.0075,000.000.0055,000.00
7)02/05/2019 03:48 pm StillhardSeven Kingdoms BankStillhard$,738.
8)02/05/2019 03:48 pm Seven Kingdoms BankStillhardStillhard$4,000,
9)02/04/2019 03:26 pm StillhardSeven Kingdoms BankStillhard$,792.
10)02/04/2019 03:26 pm StillhardSeven Kingdoms BankStillhard$,372.
11)02/04/2019 03:25 pm StillhardSeven Kingdoms BankStillhard$,557.
12)02/04/2019 03:25 pm StillhardSeven Kingdoms BankStillhard$,547.
13)02/04/2019 03:25 pm StillhardSeven Kingdoms BankStillhard$,
14)02/04/2019 03:24 pm StillhardSeven Kingdoms BankStillhard$0.000.0018,707.
15)02/04/2019 03:23 pm StillhardSeven Kingdoms BankStillhard$5,109,051,

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