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The Socialist Republic of Gavastek is a nation led by Head Councilman August Lindgren on the continent of Europe. The Socialist Republic of Gavastek's government is a Social Democracy with very liberal social policies. Economically, The Socialist Republic of Gavastek favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of The Socialist Republic of Gavastek is the Rine. At 315 days old, The Socialist Republic of Gavastek is an old nation. The Socialist Republic of Gavastek has a population of 4,352,682 and a land area of 40,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 108.82. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

Following the Winter Solstice Socialist Revolution of 1946, the unpopular President Igor Chechkovskolikov was ousted in a successful coup d'etat and replaced by resistance leader Vladimir Senekovich.  By doing so, it ended the Second Garlendan Republic and instateded the Desmatrovian Social Republic of the Garlendan People (now Socialist Republic of Gavastek). By starting the Garlendan social programmes, the SRG put in place a variety of social benefits to assist the entire population. The SRG will always work for the good of the nation, not the individual.


Each Gavastekan Leader in the Third Republic

-Vladimir Senekovich (1946-1960) (2 7-year terms)  S

-Arvid Vissel (1960-1961) [Removed] (1 year in term)  S

-Svetlana Krustok (1961-1984) (6 years first term, 7 years second term)  S

-Sergei Lemenov (1984-1996) [Died of Hemorrhage] (7 years first term, 5 years second term)  L

- Aleksandr Maltov (1996-2005) (2 years first term, 7 years second term)  P

-Freja Eklund (2005-2010) [Assassinated] (5 years in term)  S

-Ivan Mariov (2010-2012) (2 years in term)  S

-Josef Bjorklund (2012-2026) (2 7-year terms) I

-Agnes Lindgren (2026-2028) [Assassinated] (2 years in term)  S

-Lemi Chechkovskolikov (2028-2042) (5 years first term, 7 years second term)  S

-Sergei Sevmel (2042-2049) (1 7-year term)  C

-Igor Semnepol (2049-2062) [Resigned] (7 years first term, 6,5 years second term)  L

-Nikolay Korotkaya (2062-2063) (0,5 years first term) N

-August Olsson (2063-2077) (2 7-year terms)  S

-Velmir Sandelvinsky (2077-2084) (1 7-year term)  I

-August Lindgren (2084-present) [Present] (0,5 years into term)  S


executive council members

  • 1st District- Sergei Nevalninsky  S
  • 2nd District- Johann Skelhast  S
  • 3rd District- August Lindgren  L
  • 4th District- Karl Sjöberg  P
  • 5th District- Viktor Abramov  I
  • 6th District- Natasha Kuznetsov  I
  • 7th District- Per Nordin  S
  • 8th District- Gustav Wallin  L
  • 9th District- Alexei Vinogradov  C
  • 10th District- Elsa Ljungburg  S
  • 11th District- Konstantin Abakumov  C
  • 12th District- Linnea Forsberg  P
  • 13th District- Artyom Novikov  N

Election Of The Head Councilman

The Office of Head Councilman is elected once every three years* on the Thirty-First of December. The Office is limited to a total of three terms, consecutive or not so.The next election will take place on the Thirty-First of December, 2086, and will have the future leader of the SRG announced on the Eighteenth of January, 2087. The next elected leader of the SRG will next be sworn in on The Twenty-First of June, 2087.


(*Due to constitutional amendment)

Proportions of the governing body of the DSRGP





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National Factbook
Flag: National Flag
Nation Name: Gavastek
Leader Name: August Lindgren
Currency: Currency Image
National Animal: National Animal Image
Eurasian Elk
History: The First Republic was formed in 1789 following independence from the Russian empire as a direct result of the Krelklov Revolution which began in 1784. This was the beginning of the presidency of the First Garlendan Republic. The Republic was in relative peace until the Koventik Revolution of 1878, where the Nationalists completed a successful coup, and creating the Garlendan Military. The Second Republic was littered with Nationalist dictators and military leadership. WWII greatly destabilised the second republic, allowing for the 1940 riots, which eventually turned into a full out Revolution with following the end of the war with the Winter Solstice Revolution, where directly following the removal of unpopular military President Ivor Chechkovskolikov, the military leadership of the second republic was ended in 1946, and the third and final republic was put in place, the DSRGP. With the creation of the Third Republic, the presidency was abolished and replaced with a high council that shared the power of the presidency, so that one person would not hold the power over an entire nation. Since the 1946 Winter Solstice Revolution, the Garlendan armed forces has been under heavy regulation to ensure proper and adequate training to protect the DSRGP.
Continent: Europe
Land Area: 64,373.60 sq. km
Terrain: Forested, rocky, hilly
Highest Peak: Mount Vinchekove, 2,000 meters
Lowest Valley: The Telmirav Drop, -100 meters
Climate: temperate
People & Society
Population: 4,352,682 people
Demonym: Garlendan
Demonym Plural: Garlendans
Ethnic Groups: Gibrantin - 81.8%
Seplotik - 11.9%
Swedish - 6.3%
Languages: Svenska - 54.8%
Velit - 42.9%
Gibberan - 37.6%
Religions: Reform Judaism - 84.9%
Eastern Orthodoxy - 12.3%
Other - 2.8%
Life Expectancy: 82 years
Obesity: 0.7%
Alcohol Users: 12.8%
Tobacco Users: 2.3%
Cannabis Users: 9.8%
Hard Drug Users: 0.3%
Description: Based in a socialist economy, each individual factory and/or company is run cooperatively via the workers of said institutions. Economy built off of combination of strong worker’s rights and personal/national cooperation.
Average Yearly Income: $139.37
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $4,657,780,838.00
GDP per Capita: $1,070.09
Gross National Income (GNI): $3,549,447,975.00
Industries: lead mining, fishing, lumber, service
History: The armed forces of the Desmatrovian Republic of the Garlendan People was created by nationalists following the 1878 Coup that ousted president Ivar Nevalninsky. Controlled by Nationalists, the Garlendan Military fought against rioters during the winter solstice socialist Revolution (WSSR). Since then the Garlendan Military has been under heavy regulation and is seen as one of the most formidable forces in northeastern Europe.
Soldiers: 1,170
Tanks: 191
Aircraft: 1,200
Ships: 1
Missiles: 0
Nuclear Weapons: 0
Last Updated: 01/07/2023 04:14 pm