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The United Kingdom of Torterra is a nation led by Field Marshall Acey on the continent of Europe. The United Kingdom of Torterra's government is a Democratic Republic with very moderate social policies. Economically, The United Kingdom of Torterra favors moderate policies. The official currency of The United Kingdom of Torterra is the Pound Sterling. At 2,474 days old, The United Kingdom of Torterra is an ancient nation. The United Kingdom of Torterra has a population of 17,809,836 and a land area of 117,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 152.22. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.










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National Factbook
Flag: National Flag
Nation Name: Torterra
Leader Name: Acey
Currency: Currency Image
Pound Sterling
National Animal: National Animal Image
History: The Island Formerly known as Testdinidia Superior had been off radar to 99.99% of the world in order to preserve the true beauty of it. With its ‘Silent’ Discovery in 1940, the founder of the island kept it away from major political hands for many reasons. Upon its discovery, the pioneer who founded the island noticed an overwhelming number of Turtle species however unlike the Turtles the world knows of today, these were different, Unique and had a distinctive aura surrounding them. From early observation, the pioneer noticed them to be quite a bit larger possessing features that have never been seen on any of the other Turtle species. It was at this point the island was unofficially named Testdinidia Superior.

Upon further examination of the island, It was thought that a small tribe hundreds of years ago settled here however for a greater understanding, a group of scientists were needed to make self assessments but in doing so, the pioneer thought that this would expose this island to the rest of the world and bring never ending suffering for these beautiful creatures. The decision was made not to pursue scientific help and thus he ventured on his own. In the following years to come, he would grow a greater relationship with the species and he would come across many new fascinating discoveries about how these creatures came to be on this secluded island. On one of his findings, he unearthed a cave filled with dozens of parietal art. To him, much of it was indecipherable but one phrase was repeated. ド[ダイト~ス’. This coincided with pictures of these types of Tortoise and so he believed this to be their name. In the following few months after this discovery, he encountered many more of these undecipherable arts and after long thoughts about this, it was time he brought in help. Several folk were introduced to this island including what was to be his future partner. It was promised that no one would speak of what they have found beyond the coasts of this island. Thus the Dodaitose Conglomeration Formed.

Over the years, the several that had joined the pioneer expanded to become a Legion with only a few having come from beyond these Coasts and a majority having never left the island. One of these included the Pioneers son who went by the name of Acey. Things were not all as smooth as it seemed. A big disagreement arose and the threat of the exposure of this island was on the table creating large tension across the entire island. The strange thing was it was not the people who seized tension but the Tortoise towering nearly a metre over the tallest bloke in the village. It was then they realised how little they actually knew about these creatures. Every day, the village folk allowed their children including Acey to play amongst these creatures. Acey particularly grew fond of these creatures and as he grew older, he made observations of his own to the point you could see how alike they were. It was discovered that these creatures are evolutions of the standard Tortoise in the world today so calling them Tortoise was no longer viable.

A year later and after serious consideration, the pioneer thought it would be best if he sent his son Acey to the mainland and gain military experience and a degree which to Aceys dismay, he obliged to knowing he will be better off for it. He excelled further than anyone had ever seen and within 7 years he became a Major General. However shortly after being handed this rank, he discovered his father, The Pioneer had passed away on the island forcing him to return home. A depressing atmosphere surrounded the villagers with the future of the island in uncertainty. There was almost complete silence ringing round the island except what was thought to be a group of people expressing their emotions. To the delight of Acey, the ‘Tortoise’ for the first time could be heard making sounds that put some a small smile to some folks. ‘Torterra Torterra’. That was all that could be heard from them and after all the years contemplating a name, they created one for themselves.
All was not complete as due to the death of the Pioneer, there was no one to lead the island. It needed more than the villagers to convince Acey to lead and it came in the form of his fathers handwriting. He knew that one day he would leave this world and that a new leader would need to step up for the people and the Torterra. He was sent to mainland to gain experience in leading, to understand the mechanism of modern Politics and to find a way sustain the beauty of this island. However after witnessing the horrors of the outside world, He realised his home would not be able to withstand the rising military powers of rising super nations so the decision to remodel his entire home began. The island would no longer be island but become a
(Island) nation itself. It was debated and was voted in favour of amongst the people to open up the nation to the rest of the world. It was the only way to sustain and preserve everything that was built on the island. Torterra are peaceful creatures and so the Countries motto was derived from their actions, ‘If you believe in peace, Then let us Keep it’. As the folk slowly adjusted to this new way of living which saw a fair increase of numbers on the island, it was brought to the attention of Acey that a new name was needed for the nation. It was formerly the home of Torterra so the name of Torterra was implemented to not only the species but the entire nation as well.

Having sustained a prolonged period of peace after its introduction to the world, tensions began to rise and the need for new cities beyond its new Capital were needed. The island was too small to house many more new cities so a plan was devised to increase the nations land size. Through the process of ‘Land Reclamation’ and the help of the Torterra, The nation of Torterra began to see its land mass increase exponentially. With the Home of Torterra and the nation’s capital situated on the original part of the island, 15 new cities have been created on the reclaimed land making it the most successful ‘Land Reclamation’ project in the world.

Having experienced its first few tastes of warfare over the last few years, Torterra has found ways to rebuild and to survive the harsh conditions of War. Unfortunately the number of Torterra species living on this island is slowly decreasing because of the Cruel outside world and there destructive capabilities but the name will forever be amongst the people of Torterra. Now home to a population of 3 Million people. Located in the Celtic Sea, the people of Torterra are once again exploring new allies and finding ways to become ‘The very best’.

From Acey: Did you know Torterra can create their own habitat on their backs? I’m pretty sure my guy has got a family of birds living in there. Dafuq? Who Knew?
Continent: Europe
Land Area: 188,292.78 sq. km
Highest Peak: Mt. Quadsix, 6,666 meters
Lowest Valley: Mega Plunge, -4,321 meters
Climate: Hot in summer and cold in the winter, anything in between is average (15C)
People & Society
Population: 17,809,836 people
Demonym Plural:
Ethnic Groups: Acesian - 69.0%
European - 29.8%
Metahuman - 1.2%
Languages: English - 68.6%
Torterrish - 27.4%
Religions: Questionism - 80.0%
Agnosticism - 20.0%
? - 0.0%
Life Expectancy: 84 years
Obesity: 12%
Alcohol Users: 88%
Tobacco Users: 21%
Cannabis Users: 9%
Hard Drug Users: 11%
Average Yearly Income: $210.51
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $22,310,568,784.00
GDP per Capita: $1,252.71
Gross National Income (GNI): $9,805,012,520.00
Soldiers: 615,000
Tanks: 51,250
Aircraft: 3,075
Ships: 405
Missiles: 0
Nuclear Weapons: 0
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