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New Chiraq

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The Nation-State of New Chiraq is a nation led by Emperador Bahgat on the continent of North America. The Nation-State of New Chiraq's government is a Absolute Monarchy with very authoritarian social policies. Economically, The Nation-State of New Chiraq favors left wing policies. The official currency of The Nation-State of New Chiraq is the Bitcoin. At 1,348 days old, The Nation-State of New Chiraq is an ancient nation. The Nation-State of New Chiraq has a population of 8,600,072 and a land area of 49,200.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 174.80. Pollution in the nation is evident. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

Past Glory
-9th Most Powerful Raider, 5 weeks straight (Arrgh!)
-Varangian Entente (VarEn) Quick Reaction Force Commander
-Enclave (US Gov) Secretary of Alliance & Nation Development
-5th best Baseball team in the Orbis League

National Goals:
-Peacefully Retire
-Make a Boat-load of money
-Become the No.1 team in the Orbis Baseball League

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1)08/20/2019 06:05 pm Black Knights BankNew ChiraqCentral Oceania$196,387.00228.0018.0049.007.0026.0015.0024.0038.0076.0068.0010.00
2)08/20/2019 04:05 pm Black Knights BankNew ChiraqHouse Freer$517,054.00572.0046.00123.0019.0067.0038.0060.0095.00192.00172.0025.00
3)08/18/2019 01:21 pm Black Knights BankNew ChiraqThe United States Of Lorhill$179,801.00370.0037.0098.0027.0050.0042.0050.00294.00106.0026.00129.00
4)08/18/2019 04:35 am Black Knights BankNew ChiraqFlatfield$2,942.0028.
5)08/17/2019 10:50 pm Black Knights BankNew ChiraqFlora$47,320.00252.0020.0053.0014.0027.0022.0028.0022.0057.0042.0088.00
6)08/17/2019 02:41 am Yarr BankNew Chiraqim317$100,000,
7)08/17/2019 01:57 am BankNew ChiraqLigertopia$100,000,
8)08/13/2019 04:54 pm New ChiraqYarr BankNew Chiraq$250,000,
9)08/05/2019 02:39 am Yarr BankNew ChiraqDarwinium of Slugs$350,000,
10)07/31/2019 05:51 pm BankNew ChiraqLigertopia$506,000,
11)07/22/2019 05:19 am BankNew ChiraqLigertopia$7,500,
12)07/15/2019 08:25 am BankNew ChiraqLigertopia$7,500,
13)07/09/2019 08:41 am BankNew ChiraqLigertopia$7,500,
14)07/02/2019 07:42 am BankNew ChiraqLigertopia$7,500,
15)06/24/2019 05:09 am BankNew ChiraqLigertopia$7,500,

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