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The Redcoat Republic

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The Redcoat Republic is a nation led by Commander MARKSM4N on the continent of Asia. The Redcoat Republic's government is a Banana Republic with very liberal social policies. Economically, The Redcoat Republic favors right wing policies. The official currency of The Redcoat Republic is the Philippine Peso. At 1,205 days old, The Redcoat Republic is an ancient nation. The Redcoat Republic has a population of 8,077,035 and a land area of 88,700.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 91.06. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is sufficient with an approval rating of 51.8724%.

The Redcoat Republic is a peaceful state that has left its raiding days in the past. We only seek to be left and alone and better ourselves. A former loyal member of AGON but was transferred over to Error 404 in a merge. Where I stayed a few days to consider what would be the best action to take. Borg tipped me about the alliance he was making and I decided to join up and try my luck. May it become as good as home as AGON. spoiler: it's a pretty swell place. gladly burn my infra


The Redcoat Republic was formed from rebel-controlled territories after the conclusion of the Second Redcoat Rebellion as the Republic of Rizal lacked the power to enforce effective control over its remote possessions thanks to Pangulo Tizen's inward focus on reform and recovery. Will history repeat itself? Is the third conflict fated to happen? Or will Tizen and MARKSM4N embark on a policy of peace and cooperation that might lead to a new and stronger state? 




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 Raiders will be nuked, resources banked and money spent. Before you counter send me a message.

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National Factbook
Flag: National Flag
Nation Name: The Redcoat Republic
Leader Name: MARKSM4N
Currency: Currency Image
Philippine Peso
National Animal: National Animal Image
History: Prior to the Redcoat Republic, the Republic of Rizal held sway over the Rizali Islands. The Republic of Rizal managed to defeat the rebelling Redcoats in the first civil war and forced their leader to exile. However, he was pardoned and admitted permission to return back to the isles, in the following years after his return he managed to win the first elections in Rizal and became Prime Minister however the Pangulo still held the true power. Tensions between supporters of the Prime Minister and Pangulo grew until the Prime Minister was removed by Pangulo. This act sparked the second civil war in the Rizali Isles.

War itself was extremely bloody and cruel. War crimes were committed by both sides and civilians were often caught in the crossfire between government loyalists and Redcoats, suspected opposition sympathizers were often oppressed. The terrain of Rizal was perfectly suited for guerrilla warfare with its many jungles, mountains, and caves but that's not to say no traditional military engagements happened. Outpost Rosales major fortification located in the heart of the jungle, a perfectly suited base from which to carry out sweeps of the jungle. This is why the rebel forces were willing to risk much in capturing it thus first battle of Outpost Rosales occurred. Rebel forces though numerous were unsuited for attacking fortified position and took high casualties in attempting to do so but ultimately won a pyrrhic victory. Folk legends say there were only two Redcoats left after the final barricade was overrun.

Neither side was ultimately able to overpower the other and claim ultimate victory. Fighting has stopped but tensions remain high in both nations, the situation could be compared to the schism of North and South Korea. Experts and politicians in the Redcoat Republic debate if unification is even worth it with all the ramifications it would bring, economical and otherwise.

Continent: Asia
Land Area: 142,748.46 sq. km
Terrain: Rizali Isles are composed of a small group of tropical islands in the south pacific. The two largest islands are surrounded by dozens of smaller islands. Many of which are contaminated by mines used in previous wars.
Highest Peak: , 0 meters
Lowest Valley: , 0 meters
Climate: Rizal's climate is primarily tropical. Heat, humidity, and rain are not uncommon.
People & Society
Population: 8,077,035 people
Demonym: Rizali
Demonym Plural: Rizali
Ethnic Groups: Filipino - 80.0%
Various Westerners - 10.0%
Japanese/Tibetian - 10.0%
Languages: Tagalog - 75.0%
English - 20.0%
Japanese - 5.0%
Religions: Roman Catholic - 80.0%
Protestantism - 15.0%
Rizali Tribal Pantheon - 5.0%
Life Expectancy: 90 years
Obesity: 7%
Alcohol Users: 5%
Tobacco Users: 25%
Cannabis Users: 10%
Hard Drug Users: 6%
Description: After the war, the already weak economy of Rizali isles suffered a total collapse and was reduced to a de facto informal economy. The road to recovery was hard but government-sponsored piracy gave needed income to the people and the government funds to increase agricultural production. Many smaller farmers' lands were either outright bought or taken by the larger producers. Next, the government embarked on a policy of settling new cities and upgrading existing infrastructure.
Average Yearly Income: $420.69
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $6,721,737,933.00
GDP per Capita: $832.20
Gross National Income (GNI): $2,260,573,480.00
Industries: Major industries include agriculture, uranium mining, and gasoline refinery. Agriculture used to be the largest of the three but has recently been supplanted by uranium mining and gasoline refinery though the government is planning new agricultural expansions. The new focus of the state seems to be growing and nurture of the upcoming service sector.
History: The armed forces were first established in the second civil war by the defectors from the Rizali Defense Forces. Redcoat Republics forces have mostly comprised of infantry which have the reputation of being excellent guerrilla fighters. The Navy has also been always important to the island nation and has been rapidly been expanded after the inception of the Republic alongside the airforce. Republic possesses only humble old dated tank core but there are murmurs in the army that government might embark on policy of mechanizations of the armed forces in the future as the economy improves.

The Redcoat Republic has few missile sites and is rumored to be pursuing nuclear technology.
Soldiers: 447,000
Tanks: 37,500
Aircraft: 2,250
Ships: 445
Missiles: 1
Nuclear Weapons: 0
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