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La Dittatura Oscura di Italia-JoJo is a nation led by Dittatore Oscuro Funny Valentine on the continent of Europe. La Dittatura Oscura di Italia-JoJo's government is a Communist Monarchy with very authoritarian social policies. Economically, La Dittatura Oscura di Italia-JoJo favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of La Dittatura Oscura di Italia-JoJo is the JoJEuro. At 485 days old, La Dittatura Oscura di Italia-JoJo is an ancient nation. La Dittatura Oscura di Italia-JoJo has a population of 1,784,917 and a land area of 49,500.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 36.06. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Jojo is a great show, Italy is the best country in the world and France is the worst thing that ever existed. I don't joke. You shouldn't mess with communists. Also if you try to declare war to me, i, Funny Valentine, will most likely get a revenge plan.

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

-Sun Tzu, The Art of War .

War damage…? "Nah, not possible."

All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.

-Sun Tzu, The Art of War .

If another GW ever breaks out…

“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”                           

-Sun Tzu, The Art of War .

Awards of Italia-JoJo:

-Knight of the Convent

-Chief of Economy of the Convent

-Grant Program by The Kree Empire

-Ticketman of the Church Of Atom

-Deputy of Internal Affairs of the Church Of Atom (according to #bulletin_board)

-Advisor of Internal Affairs of the Church Of Atom


Achievements of Italia-JoJo:

600M damage overall in GW17 (after being nuked 4 times and missiled 19 without any form of defense)

Being better than Keza Purple of “Purplelands” at least in something (nukes possessed (get rolled lmfao))


As the days pass by, the power of the Former Dictatorship of Italia-JoJo grows at a pretty normal rate. The Dark Empire shall rise!

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National Factbook
Flag:National Flag
Nation Name:Italia-JoJo
Leader Name:Funny Valentine
Currency: Currency Image
History:History starts with the fall of an Empire. Different nations leave and go on forming their own things and nations. A guy, named Valentine, decides that it's not good enough, and wants to conquer a lot of land. He settles on the northen part of Italy, a small european country, and through lots and lots of fighting, he overcomes everything, and decides to join another group of people, ready to take on the whole world if needed. Everyone calls him "Dittatore", however, due to his lack of a heart during the Double Revolution, he now goes as "Mercenario Valentine", and he wants to take revenge on the ones who destroyed the Empire.
And so he studies literature, and decides to threaten his enemies via the ancient sayings in "The Art Of War".
And also gets overtaken by darkness.

The flag description:
The Original Tricolor represents the blood of the first wars, the intense snows and the green of prosperity.
The Double Fascist represents the darkest moment of a nation.
The Shaded Original represents that with a simple base, everything evolves (character development)
The Negative Original (or the Corruption Flag) represents revolution, with the darkness of the negative green indicating how the war killed and destroyed land, the bigger reversed "JJBA" means how everything now remains in the tactics, the core of the nation, and the negative red looking like a dark sky, the sky of tempest, chaos and bad things.
The N3G471V3 5H4D3D represents the higher character development of the nation.
The Dark Original represents the change, from the happier Convent to the more technical Church. The blue "JJBA" represents winter.
The Frozen Flag is indeed, very cold.
The Dark Hour Flag indicates the loss of a heart, the one carrying the peace of the Monarca.
The Last Light Flag is the complete elimination of light within Valentine. A flag black like darkness, white to represent purity withing the void, and dark red, to indicate the missing spot in the heart of the Monarca.
The Neo-Organization Flag indicates the end of sanity of the Dittatore. The start of some sort of government... perhaps? Thirteen members of darkness, leaded by Dict. Osc. Funny Valentine.

Constitutionem Italiae-JoJo:
Art. 1: Tutte le persone hanno diritti e doveri, e se qualcuno osa infrangerli, sarà giustiziato.
Art. 2: Opporsi alla volontà dello stato è un grave reato e se qualcuno osa opporsi, sarà giustiziato.
Art. 3: Chiunque si ribella alla religione Atomo-Atea verrà giustiziato.
Art. 4: Ogni cittadino deve servire almeno 5 anni di lavoro forzato.
Art. 5: Chi manca di rispetto ai rappresentanti atomici verrà immediatamente esiliato nelle "Miniere di Fuoco".
-Art. 5.1: Tutti i cittadini devono mancare di rispetto a NimNev. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Art. 6: La Costituzione è un testo sacro, e non dev'essere rovinato.
Art. 7: L'omicidio è legale, se si vuole essere giustiziati.
Art. 8: Le corti d'Italia-JoJo sono posti sacri, non devono essere rovinate.
Art. 9: Lo studio linguistico è altamente incoraggiato.
Art. 10: Gloria al Dittatore Valentine.
Art. 11: Il fascismo nella nostra nazione è strettamente proibito.
Art. 12: La bandiera dell'Italia-JoJo non può essere modificata via referendum, ma soltanto nel singolo caso della volontà del Dittatore.
Art. 13: La cultura e la scienza sono altamente incoraggiate dal Dittatore.
-Art. 13.1: La carica di Stratega viene consegnata soltanto coloro con una laurea in Scienze Matematiche.
-Art. 13.2: Per partecipare all'assemblea organizzativa della Nazione, bisogna aver un diploma in Scienze
-Art. 13.3: Per diventare un giudice pubblico, bisogna avere una laurea in Legislatura e Archeologia.
Art. 14: I patti dell'Italia-JoJo devono essere rispettati anche dagli altri cittadini.
Art. 15: La Costituzione può essere liberamente modificata dal Dittatore quando necessario.
Art. 16: Quando degli ambasciatori entrano nella nostra nazione, bisogna rispettarli.
-Art. 16.1: Eccetto quelli da Concord.
Art. 17: Le Riforme Dittatoristiche devono essere sempre mantenute al passo coi tempi.
Art. 18: La guerra sarà considerata come forma di conquista rispetto ai "liberi".
Art. 19: La Dittatura rimarrà la forma di governo dello Stato per gli anni futuri, e per gli anni a seguire.
Art. 20: L'Oscurità che sovrasta Italia-JoJo è considerata un essere superiore a tutti i cittadini.
Art. 21: La pratica di credere in una forza sovrastante quella dell'Oscurità è proibita, e verrà ripagata con l'omicidio dei praticanti.
Art. 22: Chiunque oserá fare una battuta squallida nelle vicinanze del Dittatore verrá immediatamente giustiziato.
Art. 23: L'Organizzazione dei Tredici dev'essere rispettata da tutti i cittadini.

Riforma Dittatoristica (24.3.21)
-Attuate modifiche alla Costituzione
-La guerra non è più proibita
-I costi dei beni di sussistenza vengono abbassati del 20%.

Riforma Dittatoristica (28.4.21)
-Attuate modifiche alla Costituzione
-Ampliata "Diplomazia"

Riforma Monarchica (8.6.21)
-Attuate modifiche alla Costituzione

Riforma Dittatoristica (3.8.21)
-Attuate modifiche alla Costituzione
-L'Oscurità viene nominata la "forza superiore".

Riforma Dittatoristica (18.9.21)
-L'arsenale verrà ripristinato, e verrà aggiunta un'arma termonucleare per ogni bomba atomica lanciata. Ve la siete cercata, pagliacci di HollyWood!

National Festivals:
15th January: "It's MY Time to Shine!" (Day of The Valentopocalipse)
14th February: MY Day
4rd March: Reverse Day, The National Worker's Day
3rd April: Ditta's New Year
25th May: The Day of Revenge (independence day)
8th June: Light Day
5th July: Revolution Day
14th August: Power Day
11th-18th September: Dark Days
3rd October: Ditta's Half Year
November: Pizza Month!
20th December: Santa Valent's Day

-Getting “Mass Irrigation” project (if done after C16 the famine has ended) DONE (30.1.2021)
-Getting “International Trade Center” project DONE (20.1.2021)
-Building Farm City 2 (C16) DONE (10.2.2021)
-Getting “Nuclear Research Facility” project;
-Building Farm City 3 (C17) DONE (23.2.2021)
-Getting to 3k Infra in every city;
-Getting “Space Program” project;
-Getting most of the “Space Program” related projects;
-Getting “Green Technologies” project;
-Building Farm City 4, 5 and 6 (C18, C19, C20) DONE C18 (30.4.2021) C19 (5.6.2021) C20 (June 2021)
-Building Raw and Refined cities to get to C30; (C21 DONE)

Current secondary objectives:
-Maxing Commerce in all of the cities (after getting “International Trade Center” project);
-Getting “Arable Land Agency” project;
-Conquering all of Italy in the map (purely estetic).
Land Area:79,662.33 sq. km
Terrain:Alps, the Veneto part of the Alps.
Highest Peak:Mt. GER, 69,420 meters
Lowest Valley:REG. yV, -420 meters
Climate:A cold land, with freezing winters and warm summers.
Snows very often.
Sometimes it rains gold particles, due to the high concentrations of gold in the areas.
Italia-JoJo somehow is cold, but it feels warm.
People & Society
Population:1,784,917 people
Demonym Plural:Dittalian-iste
Ethnic Groups:Bloody Phantoms - 80.0%
Aureum - 67.0%
Star Dusties - 50.0%
Languages:Dittalian - 99.0%
Japanese - 40.0%
English - 39.7%
Religions:Atheism - 90.0%
JoJo - 70.0%
Atom - 69.0%
Life Expectancy:267 years
Alcohol Users:1.2%
Tobacco Users:0%
Cannabis Users:0%
Hard Drug Users:0%
Description:Afking 'n shit.

I mean, am i wrong?

Second half of PnW's this way.
Average Yearly Income:$44.10
Gross Domestic Product (GDP):$4,641,397,530.00
GDP per Capita:$2,600.34
Gross National Income (GNI):$955,448,455.00
Industries:Every day and every night they work, automated.
The fuel used is Coal.
The coal used is a "power bomb", capable of making an industry work for at least 50 days with only 1 piece of coal.

Italia-JoJo'd industries are 100% eco friendly, and don't cause much damage to the ambient. Maybe because it's Italia-JoJo's protective shield that protects the country? Most likely.
An army made of people.
It's name is "Diplomacy", to joke about war and what happened in GW16.

VFTB Status: Running.
N° of threats= 6
Successful threats= 6/6
Efficiency= 100%
Checked last time the 13th of March.

The Immortals of Valentine:
180mil in damage by 2pm 4.5.21

Threat Level:
TL 0: Valentine is free to do whatever he likes, and is not nearly as close as to being threatened.
TL 0.5: Valentine is free to do whatever he likes, and has threats very far away from him.
TL 1: Valentine is free to do whatever he likes, and possible threats are still far away from him.
TL 1.5: Valentine is free to do whatever he likes, possible threats are far enough from him.
TL 2: Valentine is free to do whatever he likes, but threats are close to him.
TL 2.5: Valentine is free to do whatever he likes, however lower threats can reach him.
TL 3: Valentine has a choice to intervene, as threats as strong as him can reach him.
TL 3.5: Valentine has a choice to intervene, but threats are stronger than him.
TL 4: Valentine needs to be ready for every possible outcome, as people as strong as him are being raided.
TL 4.5: Valentine needs to be ready for every possible outcome, as people stronger than him are being raided.
TL 5: Valentine needs to be absolutely ready, as he's being attacked by weaker people than him.
TL 5.5: Valentine needs to watch carefully his actions, a Global War could start soon.
TL 6: Valentine has to be ready, a Global War is bound to happen in the next 14 days.
TL 6.5: Valentine has to be fully prepared, as he's being attacked by someone as strong as him.
TL 7NE: A Global War has started, however Valentine is not being threatened.
TL 7E: A Global War has started, and Valentine is being attacked.
TL 7.5: Valentine requires assistance: a guy stronger than him is attacking him.
TL 8: Valentine got missiled in the past 6 hours.
TL 8.5: Valentine is in 3 defensive wars in a Global War.
TL 9: Valentine got nuked in the past 24 hours.
TL 9.5: Valentine is stuck in a stalemate during a Global War.
MXE TL 10: Valentine is losing in a war, and he can't defend himself anymore.

Actual TL: 9
Nuclear Weapons:9
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