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Champions is a nation led by Prime minister Akash on the continent of Africa. Champions's government is a Republic with very conservative social policies. Economically, Champions favors left wing policies. The official currency of Champions is the Dollar. At 2,321 days old, Champions is an ancient nation. Champions has a population of 10,838,928 and a land area of 78,780.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 137.58. Pollution in the nation is evident. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

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1)09/27/2021 03:30 pm Banana Stand BankChampionsAdune$235,299,112.500.
2)09/18/2021 03:48 am BankChampionsAdune$586,718,013.630.
3)09/13/2021 11:15 am The Knights Radiant BankChampionsKingdom of Ben$0.0020,,,000.005,000.000.0010,000.00
4)09/07/2021 07:58 am ChampionsThe Knights Radiant BankChampions$,300.000.00
5)08/29/2021 12:21 pm The Knights Radiant BankChampionsKingdom of Ben$0.0060,,,000.005,000.000.0015,000.00
6)08/23/2021 09:14 pm The Knights Radiant BankChampionsHoosier Daddy$0.0020,,,000.00
7)08/21/2021 04:20 am Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics BankChampionsHaven$1,413,736.006.0011.0016.007.004.0030.0026.0030.0075.0040.00124.00
8)08/18/2021 04:20 am ChampionsThe Knights Radiant BankChampions$110,000,,000.003,
9)08/15/2021 04:52 pm The Knights Radiant BankChampionsMiddle Earth$0.0082,692.
10)08/13/2021 04:28 am The Knights Radiant BankChampionsMiddle Earth$0.003,710.
11)08/07/2021 07:44 am ChampionsThe Knights Radiant BankChampions$300,000,000.00250,,,000.0080,000.0070,000.00150,000.00
12)06/21/2021 07:22 am Banana Stand BankChampionsFuyushima$1,000,000,000.00200,,,000.0055,000.0025,000.0093,000.00
13)06/16/2021 09:37 am Banana Stand BankChampionsFuyushima$381,536,
14)06/14/2021 04:46 pm Rose BankChampionsKadalle$1,766,055.00629.0053.0029.0064.0017.000.0011.00147.00115.0084.0095.00
15)06/14/2021 10:02 am Camelot BankChampionsUnited States of Jewdini$1,825,680.0064.0024.0064.0021.0010.0027.0031.00145.00136.0077.00119.00

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