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The Fiscal Paradise of Emerald Bank is a nation led by President Seb on the continent of South America. The Fiscal Paradise of Emerald Bank's government is a Absolute Monarchy with very authoritarian social policies. Economically, The Fiscal Paradise of Emerald Bank favors far right wing policies. The official currency of The Fiscal Paradise of Emerald Bank is the Swiss Franc. At 1,964 days old, The Fiscal Paradise of Emerald Bank is an ancient nation. The Fiscal Paradise of Emerald Bank has a population of 21,887,871 and a land area of 280,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 78.17. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure. peak rank #4 may 2017 most cities in may 2017 26 Cities [M] most cities in may 2018 35 Cities [M] most cities in June 2018 38 Cities [M] Peak rank #1 July 2018 10095 NS most cities in March 2019 39 Cities [M] most cities in May 2019 40 Cities [M] User ImagesMarcus is our Patron

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1)09/28/2020 10:14 pm Emerald BankYarr BankEmerald Bank$150,000,
2)09/27/2020 05:42 pm Yarr BankEmerald Bankim317$,000.000.00
3)09/26/2020 06:52 pm Yarr BankEmerald Bankim317$0.002,500,
4)09/25/2020 07:10 pm Emerald BankYarr BankEmerald Bank$200,000,
5)09/25/2020 07:04 pm Benediximus BankEmerald BankLigertopia$600,000,
6)09/25/2020 06:26 pm Dryad BankEmerald BankDryad$
7)09/23/2020 10:41 pm Yarr BankEmerald Bankim317$,000.000.00
8)09/23/2020 05:34 pm Emerald BankYarr BankEmerald Bank$50,000,
9)09/23/2020 02:23 pm Emerald BankYarr BankEmerald Bank$0.002,500,,500.000.000.0015,000.0015,000.000.005,000.00
10)09/22/2020 04:19 pm Emerald BankYarr BankEmerald Bank$,
11)09/21/2020 03:32 pm Emerald BankYarr BankEmerald Bank$,000.000.00
12)09/19/2020 07:01 pm Emerald BankYarr BankEmerald Bank$,000.000.00
13)09/16/2020 05:46 pm Terminus Est BankEmerald BankNewfinland$115,000,
14)09/12/2020 11:39 pm Yarr BankEmerald Bankim317$5,000,
15)09/11/2020 10:28 pm Emerald BankYarr BankEmerald Bank$,,000.00100,000.00100,000.0050,000.00

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