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The Commonwealth of Azeal is a nation led by Honorable Quichwe10 on the continent of North America. The Commonwealth of Azeal's government is a Democracy with very liberal social policies. Economically, The Commonwealth of Azeal favors far left wing policies. The official currency of The Commonwealth of Azeal is the Dollar. At 1,979 days old, The Commonwealth of Azeal is an ancient nation. The Commonwealth of Azeal has a population of 7,306,445 and a land area of 64,170.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 113.86. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

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National Factbook
Flag:National Flag
Nation Name:Azeal
Leader Name:Quichwe10
Currency:Currency Image Dollar
History:The Commonwealth of Azeal is descended from the Azealen Trade League, made up of several preexisting cities and villages in the region. The Azealen Trade League was originally inspired by the long defunct Hansa in Europe and was formed to present combined front against pirates, neighboring, more powerful nations, and natural disasters. After a period of decline, the Azealen Trade League eventually was formally dissolved after decades of drought and major defeats from its neighbors. The modern Commonwealth was created from nations composed of the original members of the Trade League after uniting against severe attacks from neighboring countries to defend itself. Known as the Confederacy, it would be reformed into the Commonwealth as more member states joined and a more united government was needed. Relative peace would remain in place for several years. During the Great War Against Chaos however, much of the nation was devastated and destroyed, with Azealen forces losing control of much of the country outside of the southern wetlands and mountain forts. Rebuilding took many years, but saw the Commonwealth strengthened and returned to its former glory via immense infrastructure projects, military improvements, and social programs. With the end of the third Great War Against Chaos, much of the nation was devastated, although it had fared far better than in the preceding conflicts. Though Azealen armed forces put up valiant efforts at slowing invasion, the endless armies fielded by their enemies proved to be enough to wear down their strength in the end. Now, efforts have been focused upon marshalling new allies beyond our borders in order to gather an international coalition of mutual defense. Time will tell however if this effort will succeed, and, if it does succeed, if it will be enough.
Continent:North America
Land Area:103,271.35 sq. km
Terrain:The Azealen region is a coastal region, near the mouths of several major rivers leading inland. The three major rivers, the Danris River, the Wodnalv River, and the Lanfeon River are major water ways used to by inland settlements to trade with coastal ones. the region is heavily forested, with the western reached being blocked by a large mountain range, the easternmost mountain being known as Mount Azeal, what the region is named for. The southern part of the Azealen region is home to stretches of swamp and wetland, with the exception of the Danris River Delta, one of the most fertile places in the region, and home to several towns. To the north lies large forests and is known for its extremely hilly terrain, making travel very difficult. However, it, and the Ferullesian mountain range to the west are home to large and widespread mineral deposits.
Highest Peak:Mount Tagaraen, 6,928 meters
Lowest Valley:Low Riverlands, Daniel's Sink, -182 meters
Climate:Northern Azeal is known for being extremely cold, with very little warmth, even in summer. The most northernmost regions are also extremely dry, so much that the northernmost boundary of the region fulfills all requirements for being a desert. Southern Azeal on the other hand is known for being warm and very wet with as much as half of its year having rainfall. Western Azeal is known for its general unpredictability in weather, mainly due to its unique mountain formations. Scientists to this day are still not clear on what causes this unpredictability. As a consequence though, the region can swing between -50 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 60 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. While the presence of the ocean helps moderate the extreme temperatures of the north and the south, the abundance of large ranges of hills along the coast limits the effects a great deal. The Wodnalv River has been known to completely freeze over in some of the harshest winters in the north.
People & Society
Population:7,306,445 people
Demonym Plural:Azealens
Ethnic Groups:Riverlander - 32.9%
Gerander - 22.4%
Khalenian - 12.4%
Languages:Rivarenian-Azelish - 49.3%
Azealish - 32.8%
Wuthran - 13.6%
Religions:Tradeism - 31.6%
Atheistic - 30.3%
Dioism, religion of Dio Brando - 18.9%
Life Expectancy:65 years
Alcohol Users:79.8%
Tobacco Users:34.3%
Cannabis Users:1.5%
Hard Drug Users:1.8%
Description:The Commonwealth of Azeal's economy is based on its collection of hard currencies and a few electronic currencies. Some more isolated settlements have been known to use currency only when trading with outsiders, preferring to use a barter system. Capitalism and entrepreneurship is highly encouraged. While the Great War Against Chaos reduced much of the nation to bartering, with coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol being especially prized, the rebuilding of the nation saw the establishment of the dollar as the nation's singular currency, due to both the devastated economic status of the nation after the war and the loss of many said electronic and hard currencies via looting, destruction, or simply having fallen out of use.
Average Yearly Income:$161.36
GDP per Capita:$1,116.21
Industries:Major Azealen industrial industries include the extraction of numerous minerals like coal, copper, precious gemstones, and titanium, along side steel making and forestry products. These industrial industries have however taken a backseat to the development of financial and service industries, which now provide most of the jobs and a great deal of the wealth in the nation. Farming and fishing formerly were large industries, but the advent of better technology and overfishing has reduced these two fields to a foot note in the national economy.
History:The Azealen armed forces date back to the original Azeal Trade League, where most of its forces were made of small groups of trained soldiers supported by town guards and militia groups. Once the Confederacy of Azeal was formed, it's armed forces were made up of soldiers from member states, with every state placing 7.5% of their armed forces under the command of the central government, and would be used to aid and support member states that fell under attack. When the Confederacy was reformed and the Commonwealth was created, each member state ceded direct control of approximately half of their military to the Commonwealth High Command, with the remaining half used to police and aid their own nation. Due to major losses experienced during The Great War Against Chaos however, the military was restructured and centralized. The vast majority of all member states ceded permanent control of their military forces to the Commonwealth, while retaining a State Guard to aid in policing and to serve as a reserve unit. The unified military of Azeal has since been broken up into several thematic districts, with each army group assigned to a district to respond to external and internal threats as well as several other groups in reserve or on stand-by to respond to threats more serious than a district army group can handle. This system handled itself well in the successive invasions of the Commonwealth, but even with the mutters of another invasion coming, defenses are not as well equipped nor the military as well funded as it was in the past. With the end of the third Great War, however, greater focus has been placed abroad, focusing on working in tandem with other nations in an international coalition. It is hoped that a larger and united front will be better able to defend our own nations. Time will tell if these efforts will bear fruit.
Nuclear Weapons:0
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