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The Llama Federation of Pimitivo is a nation led by Alpha Male RandomNoobster on the continent of South America. The Llama Federation of Pimitivo's government is a Democratic Republic with very libertarian social policies. Economically, The Llama Federation of Pimitivo favors far left wing policies. The official currency of The Llama Federation of Pimitivo is the Australian Dollar. At 1,603 days old, The Llama Federation of Pimitivo is an ancient nation. The Llama Federation of Pimitivo has a population of 6,728,582 and a land area of 88,950.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 75.64. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

When it happened, not a single soul was prepared. We were all living through just another day, whilst in reality something bigger was about to happen. Something we never had time to prepare us against.

The immediate aftermath was brutal, and since no one was prepared, the death-tolls were high. As the dust settled, one started to work together for ones survival. Your mere life was something you were lucky to have kept. 

One species, however, seemed to tackle the brutality very well; it was some hairy, long-necked sheep. Due to their rarely high production of spit, they could wash themselves regularly, washing off any toxic or otherwise dangerous dusts. Their wool gave them warmth when the winter set, and their long necks gave them more possibilities as for what to eat - they could eat from trees and bushes, as well as from the ground. With their gifts they soon took control over a larger area and established a society. They would soon be ready for whatever the future would bring.

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National Factbook
Flag: National Flag
Nation Name: Pimitivo
Leader Name: RandomNoobster
Currency: Currency Image
Australian Dollar
National Animal: National Animal Image
Continent: South America
Land Area: 143,150.79 sq. km
Terrain: The terrain varies a lot; from the spikey mountains to the endless plains. Food is just as scarce no matter where you are, meaning civilization is somewhat evenly spread out across the entire country.
Highest Peak: Mt. Neck, 8,574 meters
Lowest Valley: , 0 meters
Climate: The climate is harsh and brutal. A nuclear winter leads to temperatures way lower than what you'd normally expect.
People & Society
Population: 6,728,582 people
Demonym Plural:
Ethnic Groups: - 0.0%
Languages: - 0.0%
Religions: - 0.0%
Life Expectancy: 0 years
Obesity: 0%
Alcohol Users: 0%
Tobacco Users: 0%
Cannabis Users: 0%
Hard Drug Users: 0%
Average Yearly Income: $110.98
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $7,615,198,485.00
GDP per Capita: $1,131.77
Gross National Income (GNI): $4,112,634,945.00
Soldiers: 0
Tanks: 36,777
Aircraft: 2,235
Ships: 60
Missiles: 14
Nuclear Weapons: 13
Last Updated: 03/01/2021 08:58 pm