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Communist Pirate Republic
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The Communist Pirate Republic is a nation led by Supreme Leader GoldyHammer on the continent of Europe. The Communist Pirate Republic's government is a Communist Republic with very libertarian social policies. Economically, The Communist Pirate Republic favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of The Communist Pirate Republic is the Pound Sterling. At 450 days old, The Communist Pirate Republic is an ancient nation. The Communist Pirate Republic has a population of 2,084,379 and a land area of 73,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 28.55. Pollution in the nation is evident. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

I, GoldyHammer, of the Communist Pirate Republic, despite the advantages afforded by my possession and utilisation of nuclear weapons, failed in my attempt to surpass the #bestfighter of TKR - as voted by its members - the competent Blink of Ruination in net damages in the global war Knightfall, losing by $61.37mil: $2,389,541,526 to his $2,450,907,109.

War Badges

DDR/69 Days War
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'Dance off, Bro'
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'Can I Beige Yet?' - 50%+ Expire Rate (52%)
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'69' - 69+ Total Wars (72)

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'The Desolation'
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'Keep it Coming' - More Offensives than Defensives
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'The Everstorm' - 100m+ Damage Per City ($192,748,367.73)
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'Money Lust' - 250m+ Looted ($554,715,735)
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'Annihilation' - Over 25 Nukes/50 Missiles Launched (34/81)
Special Badges
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Bridge Four/MoH

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1)07/14/2019 10:18 pm Communist Pirate RepublicThe Knights Radiant BankCommunist Pirate Republic$0.00167,890.001,747.001,917.004,923.001,097.001,030.000.0020,555.0018,866.0010,190.0010,935.00
2)07/14/2019 10:08 pm Orange Defense Network BankCommunist Pirate RepublicSpaten$4,669,709.0020,201.0096.00140.00144.00279.00136.00307.00121.00474.0011.00322.00
3)07/14/2019 08:19 pm Order of the White Rose BankCommunist Pirate RepublicMyr69$364,399.001,670.00658.009.00119.
4)07/14/2019 04:07 pm Brotherhood of the Clouds BankCommunist Pirate RepublicThe Red Imperium$
5)07/13/2019 08:38 pm Solar Knights BankCommunist Pirate RepublicInternational Treasury$330,261.0053.
6)07/12/2019 02:30 pm Communist Pirate RepublicThe Knights Radiant BankCommunist Pirate Republic$0.0031,000.001,605.002,373.003,000.004,872.001,,591.008,551.00
7)07/12/2019 06:40 am Carthago BankCommunist Pirate RepublicCity of London$70,263.0025.
8)07/11/2019 08:29 pm Goon Squad BankCommunist Pirate RepublicHellsing$3,269,506.00292.0018.0040.00112.002.0064.001.001,703.001,387.00164.00622.00
9)07/11/2019 11:29 am Carthago BankCommunist Pirate RepublicRiocht na hEireann$842,097.00313.002.004.0046.002.0014.003.0067.00276.00105.00154.00
10)07/11/2019 10:33 am Black Knights BankCommunist Pirate RepublicFree Squirrel Republic$38,891.0042.001.004.0020.
11)07/11/2019 10:33 am InfoWars BankCommunist Pirate RepublicGantron$19,581,251.0016,224.00521.001,019.001,541.00232.00618.0041.00977.001,693.00416.00887.00
12)07/09/2019 09:57 am Communist Pirate RepublicThe Knights Radiant BankCommunist Pirate Republic$,188.006,274.00
13)07/07/2019 07:56 am The Knights Radiant BankCommunist Pirate RepublicCommunist Pirate Republic$5,000,
14)07/05/2019 05:08 am Communist Pirate RepublicThe Knights Radiant BankCommunist Pirate Republic$0.0036,891.00117.00297.000.0062.00473.,771.00
15)07/03/2019 07:48 pm Electric Space BankCommunist Pirate RepublicDeylis$19,810.0055.

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