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United Purple Nations


Arriving in December 15th, 2013, the United Purple Nations is one of the oldest alliances on Orbis. We are fully democratic and every member is encouraged to take part in the welcoming UPN community as much as they wish to. We were the #1 alliance in both the Alpha and the Speedbeta.


Prime Minister - Naaro
Chair (Foreign Affairs) - Cora
Chair (Internal Affairs) - Matt

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Malichy
Minister of Internal Affairs - Matt
Minister of Finance - Noreen
Minister of Defense - JayJay
Minister of Communications - Altheus

Minister of Development - Hyacinth Bucket
Minister of Entertainment - Sir Bananas
Defense (North America Specialist) - Sealteam


UPN Senate:
Cora, Malichy, Matt, Naaro, Noreen, Sealteam & Sir Bananas


All players are welcome to apply to UPN!

To apply, click the join button below.

Once you've done that, join our Discord server and select Apply.

You'll be taken to a waiting area, from there just follow the on-screen instructions.

Proud member of the Pentaforce Bloc and MDoAP partners of GATO, USN, UU, Black Knights, Mayhem and Name Withheld

All new diplomatic requests should be logged via Discord. Join the UPN server below and follow the onscreen instructions.


We are not currently accepting any new protectorate requests.


Click Here to join our Discord server  





We reserve the right to defend applicants to our alliance and our protectorates

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