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Sacrum Romanum Imperium



Imperial Banner (1430-1806, 2023-present)


Backstory: On 6 August 1806, Emperor Francis II, was forced to abdicate his title and release all imperial states and officials from their oaths and obligations to the Empire. Since that fateful day many states existed in a 'Federation' longing for the return of the Empire that was once prestigious and loved. On 6 April 2023, Kosta, was proclaimed 'Emperor of the Romans' restoring the once lost title to its former glory. What the future holds for the Empire is unknown, however, what is certain is the strength of the Empire lies in the loyalty, courage and perseverance of its Imperial Princes.

Introduction: Sacrum Roman Imperium is a unique alliance heavily based upon the historical Holy Roman Empire which existed from 800 to 1806 A.D. Members will find that they possess large individual freedoms, very low taxes and a decentralised government. Numerous aspects of gameplay are member-led and a large emphasis on individual responsibility is placed on members. Your success in the Holy Roman Empire is determined through your own ability to work with, and learn from, other Imperial Princes in order to acquire your best outcomes. Your efforts in this alliance are rewarded with numerous historical titles, yielding with it prestige, influence and authority. Please join if you feel this is the alliance for you!


First Era - 16 March 2018 A.D. till 22 March 2018 A.D.

Foundation on Discord - 16 March 2018 A.D.

Foundation on Politics and War - 21 March 2018 A.D.

Second Era - 22 March 2018 A.D. till 30 May 2019 A.D.

Interregnum - 30 May 2019 A.D. till 1 June 2019 A.D.

Third Era - 1 June 2019 A.D. till 5 January 2023 A.D.

Fourth Era - 5 January 2023 A.D. till 6 March 2023 A.D.

Fifth Era - 6 March 2023 A.D. till 6 April 2023 A.D.

The Federation officially renamed to Sacrum Romanum Imperium

Sixth Era - 6 April 2023 A.D. till present.

Reign of Emperor Kosta - 6 April 2023 A.D. till present.


0023c4b85bafa19ff1a90902dc3d023c2a3b2049x211.pngEmperor: Kosta

College of Electors (Vote)
72a4ea8e09efb647d02b33f14cf5ef781222188ex119.pngElectoral Kingdom of England (e2fca00a56e3e0307aa0ad7c395b555cb2fc67eax60.png)
72a4ea8e09efb647d02b33f14cf5ef781222188ex119.pngElectoral Principality of Naristare (e2fca00a56e3e0307aa0ad7c395b555cb2fc67eax60.png)

College of Princes
3798a028f36777bb1ad7e48c59f89ef691c946b3x282.pngArchduchy of Odinheim
3798a028f36777bb1ad7e48c59f89ef691c946b3x282.pngDuchy of Lan Fang
3798a028f36777bb1ad7e48c59f89ef691c946b3x205.pngPrincipality of Kalinga Rashtra
3798a028f36777bb1ad7e48c59f89ef691c946b3x205.pngPrincipality of Chickenlandia
3798a028f36777bb1ad7e48c59f89ef691c946b3x205.pngPrincipality of Westopia
3798a028f36777bb1ad7e48c59f89ef691c946b3x205.pngPrincipality of Gameland-Fishnia
3798a028f36777bb1ad7e48c59f89ef691c946b3x205.pngPrincipality of Beetrootempire
3798a028f36777bb1ad7e48c59f89ef691c946b3x205.pngPalatinate of Empire of the Norse
3798a028f36777bb1ad7e48c59f89ef691c946b3x205.pngMargraviate of Flemmin
3798a028f36777bb1ad7e48c59f89ef691c946b3x205.pngLord of Ncentstanloupe

College of Free Cities
4c1b45117ce2b5a09d21767625058dfee6eac910x174.pngFree Imperial Cities of New Republic of Texas


*Total Tax = 6%/0%


31db3725d7d948954304de45a5e11a134a1104f8x930.pngProud Protectorate of The Lost Empire

31db3725d7d948954304de45a5e11a134a1104f8x930.pngProud Overlord of Orbix

Those wishing to enact diplomacy please join our official discord server.


If you wish to join our alliance please apply and ALSO join our official discord server.

Discord is mandatory in order to be accepted into the alliance.

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Basic Information
Alliance Name: Sacrum Romanum Imperium (HRE)
Emperor: Kosta
Elector: BlackScorpion
Imperial Prince: Khronox , Shohan , ReadingChicken , Spiff , Min Yap , Tish , Peet Yeet III , Roar The Pantsless , Konrad I , Massive
Founded: 03/21/2018 (2,219 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Cowardly Clooney on Cams Maroon
Members: 8
Alliance Rank: #74 of 492 (15.04%)
Score: 30,807.86
Avg Score: 3,850.98
Forum Link: Click Here
Discord Server: Click Here
P&W Wiki Page: Click Here
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 4 (33.33%)
Beige Nations: 0 (0%)
Gray Nations: 0 (0%)
Alliance Treasures: 0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 0.00%
Total Cities: 261
Total Infrastructure: 394,584.90
Total Land: 685,673.00
Total Population: 53,555,926
Total GDP: $60,598,557,697
Total Soldiers: 789,000
Total Tanks: 68,743
Total Aircraft: 9,252
Total Ships: 1,180
Total Spies: 314
Total Missiles: 42
Total Nuclear Weapons: 15
Wars Won: 865
Wars Lost: 895
No Applicants
Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
Type Alliance Text
Extension OrbixLink
ODP Sail Loves SingularityN/A
Protectorate The Lost EmpireLink
Protectorate The Lost MinesN/A