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The Federation





Welcome to The Federation, a union of nations formed together under one central, strong and independent government. In accordance with our core values The Federation intends to bring about a close-knit community. We are willing to co-operate and collaborate with all but we don't hesitate to defend our own. The founders originally aspired to one day reach the top through hard work, dedication and without sacrificing our values. Have a nice day!


First Era - 16 March, 2018 A.D. till 21 March 2018 A.D. (6 days)

Foundation on Discord - 16 March, 2018 A.D.

Foundation on Politics and War - 21 March. 2018 A.D.

Second Era - 22 March, 2018 A.D. till 30 May 2019 A.D. (435 days)

Third Era - 01 June, 2019 A.D. till present



Royal Family
King: Kosta
Prince: George the Destroyer

Privy and Royal Councils
Hand of the King: Khronox

Royal Ministry of Internal Affairs
Lord Steward: Gustav Rhinower
Keeper: ReadingChicken
Keeper: James Yap

Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Lord Ambassador: Victor Hugo Preciado

Royal Ministry of Military Affairs
Lord Marshal: Jack Poe
Marshal: Asclepius</