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New Polar Order




"I am Polar, see my scars and behold my commitment."

-AlmightyGrub, Imperator Emeritus of the New Polar Order 

Polaris is a premier blue alliance in Politics & War (more often called ‘Orbis’). As an alliance, Polaris has been involved in every major world conflict from the beginning of Orbis and has one of the best militaries in the game as a result. The New Polar Order was founded in May 2006 by Ivan Moldavi in another game called Cyber Nations, to provide stability to the Blue Team. Since then the Polaris has worked tirelessly to make the Blue Color Bloc one of the best spheres in the game. 

Polaris was founded on February 16, 2016 in Politics & War by AlmightyGrub and EaTeMuP. Cobrastrike is the second and current Emperor of Polaris. 

The Order, The New Polar Order, or Polaris as it is more commonly known, currently stands as the one of the most powerful alliances in Orbis and provides its members with protection, strong financial growth incentives, economic stability, and one of the finest community environments in the game. Currently, Polaris celebrates her sixteenth year of existence. 



Imperial Command:
Emperor: EaTeMuP 
Regent: JadenStar10
Liaison: Bohemond Hauteville

Plenty (Econ) Advisor: Dendarii  
Peace (Milcom): Upwardthinking
Plenty (Econ) Deputy: Pancakes
Love (IA) Deputy: Winston the III

Imperial Staff:
Imperator Emeritus: AlmightyGrub, Cobrastrike
Advisors: Kriegskoenig, Deja

Big Brother (Mentoring): MoN
Compliance (Auditing): Pentix



Direct Extension: 
Corn Silo

M - Level Allies: 

O - Level Allies: 

Market Treaty:  
The United Empire of ZahAharon 
Church Of Atom 
United Purple Nations 


(For all foreign affairs inquiries, please contact Cobrastrike)

Our nations are not your targets. We like diplomacy, but don't test the boundaries. All Polaris nations, including applicants, will be defended with conventional and nuclear weapons, regardless of perceived activity.

All applicants must join our Discord server to apply.
For more information about how to join please use the
?pw-apply command in our Discord.

Basic Information
Alliance Name: New Polar Order (NpO)
Imperial Regent: JadenStar10
Imperator Emeritus: AlmightyGrub , Cobrastrike
Imperial Liaison: Bohemond Hauteville
Polar Councillor: upwardthinking , Pancakes , Winston the III
Imperial Advisor: Kriegskoenig , deja
Director: MoN , Pentix
Founded: 02/16/2016 (2,590 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Bourbon Blue
Members: 24
Alliance Rank: #46 of 753 (6.11%)
Score: 91,352.89
Avg Score: 3,806.37
Forum Link: Click Here
Discord Server: Click Here
P&W Wiki Page: Click Here
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 4 (14.29%)
Beige Nations: 7 (29.17%)
Gray Nations: 7 (29.17%)
Alliance Treasures: 0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 0.00%
Total Cities: 664
Total Infrastructure: 917,343.56
Total Land: 1,725,497.13
Total Population: 126,383,829
Total GDP: $131,778,454,780
Total Soldiers: 5,905,317
Total Tanks: 386,363
Total Aircraft: 22,494
Total Ships: 4,124
Total Missiles: 72
Total Nuclear Weapons: 35
Wars Won: 1,439
Wars Lost: 1,257
David Rozay1,784.97
Leonid Beltzin162.70
Dakota Hill393.45
Dmitry Slovaski210.85
Atal Bihari Vajpayee128.63
Charter of Polaris

The nations herein agree to come together in common Defense and Economy, under the banner of Brotherhood and Fraternity, to make real the Concepts and Ideals upon which we now stand.

Imperial Decree - Polaris Cancellation Notice to the Mile High Club

Polaris gives its 72 Hour Cancellation Notice to the Mile High Club.

Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
MDoAP The Coal MinesN/A
MDoAP Federated States of OrbisN/A
MDoAP World Task ForceN/A
ODoAP Momento MoriN/A
ODoAP Imperium of ManN/A
PIAT Church Of AtomN/A
Protectorate N/A
Protectorate N/A