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New Pacific Order


The New Pacific Order is an autocratic alliance based upon the principles of Francoism, an ideology that mixes dialectical and historical materialism with Hobbesian (see: Thomas Hobbes) thought. The Order maintains a command economy and control over all economic activity within the alliance's nation states. The Order is not for those who are looking for an easy time. If you cannot handle losing, it definitely is not for you. It is an alliance for those who are looking to face the dangers inherent in a chaotic world as part of a unit with a communal bond.

Current Government
Emperor: Roquentin
Regent: Lord of Darkness
Imperial Officers: Prince Henry and Auctor

Current Treaties
MnDoAP - Polaris
MnDoAP - United Purple Nations
MnDoAP - Lordaeron
MnDoAP - Black Knights
MnDoAP - Holy Britannian Empire

MnDoAP Bloc: The Inquisition Bloc with Black Knights, Cornerstone , and Zodiac

Protection Arrangements: Global Communist Bloc, Cobra Kai Dojo, Orange Defense Network, Cerberus

**Accepting applications. Apply on our forums.**

Basic Information
Alliance Name:New Pacific Order (NPO)
Imperial Staff:Lord of Darkness
Bankers:Franz , Frawley , Auctor , Canik , Glealian , Edward I , Shadowthrone , Carter Burke
Founded:12/01/2015 (538 Days Old)
Color: Red
Alliance Rank:#4 of 140 (2.86%)
Avg Score:1,003.44
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:2 (1.75%)
Beige Nations:32 (28.57%)
Gray Nations:28 (25%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:1,007
Total Infrastructure:711,662.44
Total Land:1,242,617.05
Total Population:75,492,581
Total GDP:$250,350,897,751
Total Soldiers:5,673,796
Total Tanks:233,581
Total Aircraft:62,788
Total Ships:931
Total Missiles:2
Total Nuclear Weapons:5
Jax Cross409.63
Juwu Okazaki119.08
Uter Rocholl56.30
Nathan Carroll0.25
Julius Ramirez68.97
H Luntz71.21
James Monroe8.75
Alexey Petrov5.50
Great Fernando5.50
Jordan Hex67.75
Ivan Salazar78.21
Eric Campbell5.50
Koshkov Ramkevsky0.25
Alliance HQ