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The Ukko Council of Orbis aka U.C.O is an international community centre made for nations of Orbis to have a centralised place to conduct diplomacy on a mass scale. More specifically as a none aggressive council. (Has capacity to be an alliance) Discord link here.


Members are required to follow a few rules (in red) (Optional rules in green)

UKKO Council of Orbis Membership Guidelines as of August 26 2101ot.

[Required] 1. Respect for Sovereignty:
All member nations must respect each other's sovereignty, territorial integrity, and political independence. Non-interference in internal affairs is paramount.

[Required] 2. Diplomatic Engagement:
Member nations shall engage in regular diplomatic consultations to discuss matters of mutual interest and concern.

[Required] 3. Economic Cooperation:
Promote and facilitate trade and investment among member nations. Cooperate on joint economic projects, including infrastructure development, technology exchange, and resource management.

(Optional) 4. Cultural Exchange:
Encourage cultural exchange programs to enhance mutual understanding and appreciation of each other's heritage and traditions. Facilitate student and academic exchanges.

(Optional) 5. Military Cooperation:
Engage in regular consultations and coordination on defense and security matters. Conduct joint military exercises and training programs to enhance collective defense capabilities.

(Optional) 6. Environmental and Scientific Cooperation:
Collaborate on environmental protection and sustainable development initiatives. Engage in scientific research and technological innovation for mutual benefit.

(Optional) 7. Annual Review:
Moderators and concerned nations can review rules and member nation behavior and bring to a Council vote to timeout parties or further inquires.

[Required] 8. Dispute Resolution:
Resolve any disputes through diplomatic consultations and negotiations. All member nations agree to seek peaceful resolutions to conflicts within the council.

(Optional) 9. Contributions to Collective Initiatives:
Each member nation can contribute resources, expertise, or personnel to collective initiatives decided upon by the council, ensuring balanced mutual benefit.

[Required] 10. Transparency and Accountability:
Maintain transparency in actions and decisions related to the council's initiatives.


While there is no restrictions on a currency system to the council, the council (if joined) will Required the nation to forward a monetery contribution (also known as tax) to keep the council up and running and to pay for aid initiatives or other missions voted on by member nations.  


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