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The Ukko Council of Orbis aka U.C.O is an international community centre made for nations of Orbis to have a centralised place to conduct diplomacy on a mass scale. More specifically as a none aggressive council. (Has capacity to be an alliance)

Basic Information
Alliance Name: UkkoCouncilOfOrbis
Leader: Aino Rebane
Founded: 04/28/2024 (51 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: BBC-BigBlueCrows(Aqua)
Members: 1
Alliance Rank: #319 of 534 (59.74%)
Score: 1,084.06
Avg Score: 1,084.06
Discord Server: Click Here
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 0 (0%)
Beige Nations: 0 (0%)
Gray Nations: 1 (100%)
Alliance Treasures: 0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 0.00%
Total Cities: 10
Total Infrastructure: 3,762.34
Total Land: 15,400.00
Total Population: 496,971
Total GDP: $476,255,556
Total Soldiers: 0
Total Tanks: 0
Total Aircraft: 0
Total Ships: 0
Total Spies: 4
Total Missiles: 0
Total Nuclear Weapons: 0
Wars Won: 1
Wars Lost: 48
No Applicants
Alliance Score Over Time
Type Alliance Text

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