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The Foundation



Founded (!!) in the early 2024, The Foundation is an alliance built on trust and hope. We are one of the largest democracies in Orbis, meaning that your work is rewarded and you always have a voice. Join us for an active government to help you learn the ropes, a vibrant, closely-knit community to enjoy the game with, and boosts in the growth of your nation!


Interim Mayors: Commo, RoManic
Primary Advisors: Ketagaming, Themonia


Protected by The Syndicate

For any FA inquiries, message Themonia on Discord. 

We reserve the right to counter for all members and applicants, regardless of perceived activity, including those in any extensions, and Borg.


Protect your Nation, Join the Foundation 

Discord is mandatory for our alliance! Join the server with this link.
If you would like to join, head to the discord server and into the #applications channel and make a ticket. We will be with you shortly.

Basic Information
Alliance Name: The Foundation (FND)
Mayor: Commo
Primary Advisor: ketagaming , Themonia
Minister: Nyx , LG2 , Metalicraft I , Kiingcat , Darius III
Staff: Viken , Jo Biden , Gimli Goul , Childrenofcomdildom
Founded: 02/13/2024 (97 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Foundation Red
Members: 51
Alliance Rank: #34 of 523 (6.5%)
Score: 184,748.72
Avg Score: 3,622.52
Discord Server: Click Here
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 4 (7.27%)
Beige Nations: 2 (3.92%)
Gray Nations: 1 (1.96%)
Alliance Treasures: 0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 0.00%
Total Cities: 968
Total Infrastructure: 2,095,094.60
Total Land: 2,336,186.00
Total Population: 276,898,228
Total GDP: $364,159,638,638
Total Soldiers: 4,534,082
Total Tanks: 631,064
Total Aircraft: 68,593
Total Ships: 5,748
Total Spies: 2,554
Total Missiles: 468
Total Nuclear Weapons: 56
Wars Won: 4,076
Wars Lost: 752
Adonis Tharros3,321.96
William XI876.56
Foundation Times Exclusive: 1st Senate Elections

Full unbiased analysis of the political ramifications as well as optional poll results from the first senate elections!

Foundation Features: The Foundation Times

A Look at the Journalism Industry in The Foundation!

Suicide Bombers from Politics and Wei are attacking Western Republic :)

American Territory News

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Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
Type Alliance Text
Extension Sail Loves SingularityN/A
Protectorate The SyndicateN/A