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The Planet of Alderaan is a nation led by Jedi Grand Master Yoda on the continent of North America. The Planet of Alderaan's government is a Absolute Monarchy with very conservative social policies. Economically, The Planet of Alderaan favors far left wing policies. The official currency of The Planet of Alderaan is the Energon Cubes. At 1,514 days old, The Planet of Alderaan is an ancient nation. The Planet of Alderaan has a population of 6,615,751 and a land area of 88,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 75.18. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

DB Founder/Leader

Participated in 8 global wars: Knightfall, The Trail of Tiers, Silent War, NPO's First Time, 168 Day War, Oktoberfest, Proxy War & Great VE War

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1)01/18/2019 10:25 am AlderaanDark Brotherhood BankAlderaan$0.005,
2)01/17/2019 11:04 pm Dark Brotherhood BankAlderaanAlderaan$0.0047,800.
3)01/17/2019 11:59 am Dark Brotherhood BankAlderaanAlderaan$0.0010,
4)01/16/2019 08:48 am Dark Brotherhood BankAlderaanAlderaan$0.000.00658.
5)01/16/2019 08:47 am Dark Brotherhood BankAlderaanAlderaan$0.008,
6)01/14/2019 11:59 pm Dark Brotherhood BankAlderaanAlderaan$0.0010,
7)01/13/2019 03:28 am AlderaanDark Brotherhood BankAlderaan$1,000,
8)01/13/2019 03:26 am Dark Brotherhood BankAlderaanAlderaan$
9)01/12/2019 09:59 pm Dark Brotherhood BankAlderaanAlderaan$0.0010,
10)01/11/2019 01:40 pm Dark Brotherhood BankAlderaanAlderaan$0.0010,
11)01/10/2019 03:58 am Dark Brotherhood BankAlderaanAlderaan$0.0010,
12)01/08/2019 11:27 pm Dark Brotherhood BankAlderaanAlderaan$0.005,
13)01/06/2019 06:01 am Dark Brotherhood BankAlderaanAlderaan$0.0010,
14)01/03/2019 12:56 pm Dark Brotherhood BankAlderaanAlderaan$0.0020,
15)12/31/2018 03:00 pm Dark Brotherhood BankAlderaanAlderaan$0.0020,

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