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A Nation of Anonymous is a nation led by President VinhX on the continent of North America. A Nation of Anonymous's government is a Republic with very moderate social policies. Economically, A Nation of Anonymous favors left wing policies. The official currency of A Nation of Anonymous is the Gold Standard. At 151 days old, A Nation of Anonymous is a mature nation. A Nation of Anonymous has a population of 3,899,860 and a land area of 30,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 130.00. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

The winning nation of the next war between you and me

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National Factbook
Flag:National Flag
Nation Name:Anonymous
Leader Name:VinhX
Currency:Currency Image Gold Standard
History:An anonymous person bored of living in a communist country came here, with the intention of creating a nation of anonymous people. It was a risky adventure in an unknown land, where he and other anonymous people (called X) had to build their dream nation from scratch.
However, the Xs have made such a nation exist, where there's (almost) no pollution, disease or crime. This is a nation which prefers farms to lead mines, recycling centers to oil refineries, and nuclear power plants to coal power plants.
This nation also prefers victories and raids to defeats and loots. A lot of Xs are trained hard to become professional raiders and tough soldiers.
Prepare yourself; you may become the next target!

Welcome to a Nation of Anonymous!
Continent:North America
Land Area:48,280.20 sq. km
Terrain:Including vast plateaus and an Everest
Highest Peak:Mt. Flurr, 8,849 meters
Lowest Valley:Area 51, -2,147,483,648 meters
Climate:According to the Orbis weather forecast, in the next month (real time), there'll be a lot of sunny, rainy, cloudy, windy and snowy days.
People & Society
Population:3,899,860 people
Demonym Plural:Xs
Ethnic Groups:Guardians - 50.0%
Cruzo - 29.9%
Banananian - 19.9%
Languages:Robot-ian - 99.8%
Monkey language - 0.1%
God's language - 0.1%
Religions:Controlism - 33.3%
Cursism - 33.2%
Chainsaw - 33.2%
Life Expectancy:150 years
Alcohol Users:0%
Tobacco Users:0%
Cannabis Users:0%
Hard Drug Users:0%
Description:This nation has a normal economy in which everything is normal, except the abnormal
Average Yearly Income:$181.25
GDP per Capita:$1,657.84
Industries:Major industries include renewable energy, mining, recycling and exportation of food and steel
History:The armed forces were first established in heaven to work as raiders. At the moment, these raiders are playing an important role in building and protecting an underestimated nation of Anonymous from attackers - future losers
Nuclear Weapons:0
Last Updated: 04/15/2020 04:19 am