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Minoan Empire

Minoan Empire is a nation led by Imperator Tacticus on the continent of Europe. Minoan Empire's government is a Theocratic Dictatorship with very fascist social policies. Economically, Minoan Empire favors far right wing policies. The official currency of Minoan Empire is the Rand. At 260 days old, Minoan Empire is an old nation. Minoan Empire has a population of 3,195,601 and a land area of 25,450.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 125.56. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

It was almost 3 Millennia that our nation was crushed under the hooves of the Minotaurs. And for three thousand years we prayed to Olympus for salvation..and on Saturday, 14th September 2019,we became a part of the Glorious brotherhood of Ragnarok.and it was here we flourished,helping our brother against scourges of pirates from raiders and ensuring the prosperity of our nation,reaching our greatest height of 12 cities under there Banner,and even having our Leader become the officer of Culture of our divine brotherhood.The winds changed however,and the ancient Nation of Catalonia,vanished,it's leader with it,without the founders stabilising influence,the glorious Brotherhood began to rot away,it's flames dimming,and it seemed all hope was lost.....until The new new leader Teutates,young,and filled with Vigour,secretly organised a rebirth of the Sick man with Joe the Lad,allowing Ragnarok to rot away,but the Values it held dear to rise from the ashes as the Celtic Commonwealth!Would this newly forged Commonwealth stand the test of time?Only time would tell.....

.....Nope GG bois that fell too :/

-Ragnarok: Sat 14th Sept 2019-Tues 1st April 2020 (200 days)
-Celtic Commonwealth:Tues 1st of April 2020-19th May 1020

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1)05/27/2020 06:57 pm Minoan EmpireRagnarok BankMinoan Empire$17,000,
2)05/15/2020 05:50 pm BankMinoan EmpireCosmic empire$15,000,
3)05/09/2020 04:46 am BankMinoan Empire$12,500,
4)04/25/2020 06:25 pm BankMinoan Empire$69,000,
5)04/06/2020 02:31 am BankMinoan Empire$55,000,
6)04/02/2020 12:16 pm Minoan Empire BankMinoan Empire$200,
7)04/02/2020 11:59 am Minoan Empire BankMinoan Empire$500,
8)03/26/2020 12:33 am Arrgh BankMinoan EmpireGod of War$
9)02/27/2020 08:09 pm BankMinoan Empire$1,000,
10)02/18/2020 09:41 pm BankMinoan Empire$41,000,
11)02/15/2020 05:16 pm Arrgh BankMinoan EmpireGreat Egan$
12)11/19/2019 09:17 pm Minoan Empire BankMinoan Empire$1,000,
13)11/11/2019 12:16 am Minoan Empire BankMinoan Empire$1,781,
14)11/08/2019 08:06 pm Minoan Empire BankMinoan Empire$1,656,853.750.
15)10/22/2019 03:30 pm BankMinoan Empire$7,000,

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