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The Republic of Strissia is a nation led by President Isaacdnz on the continent of Asia. The Republic of Strissia's government is a Democracy with very moderate social policies. Economically, The Republic of Strissia favors far left wing policies. The official currency of The Republic of Strissia is the Dollar. At 1,685 days old, The Republic of Strissia is an ancient nation. The Republic of Strissia has a population of 2,912,688 and a land area of 76,500.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 38.07. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

I've been playing since the 13th of January, 2019. This is my second nation.

First missile launched against Union of Proletariat Cheese, Black Knights (3/05/2021)

First nuke eaten thanks to Markovia of Arrgh (20/1/2021). First nuke launched against Teutonic Kingdom, House Stark (14/12/2021)

Stole the naming scheme for cities (Placeholder I, Placeholder II, etc) from



I've been in Dark Brotherhood, a micro called NATO, The Originals and The Coal Mines. Left The Coal Mines to found my own alliance but that failed spectacularly, so rerolled and joined tCW. 

Member of tCW since 20/11/19. Staff of tCW since 15/03/21. Minister of IA/Recruitment for tCW since 31/08/21. IA Head (now Guardian of the Scroll) for tCW (now LoD) since 10/09/22. Retired on 15/03/24, I'm now a Protector of Dusk.



All wars I have fought in were for tCW/LoD

Global Wars: 9 (NPO's Last Time, Ten-Day War, Duck Hunt, The Last Ride, Armenia's Revenge, Vein has a Smoll PP War, Bifröst Blitz, That'll Buff Right Out, Global War 30)

Wars: 5 (Great Leak War, Agon-tHL War, Going Into Vietnam… Again, Swamp-KT War, Training Day/Honor Thy Treaty)

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National Factbook
Flag: National Flag
Nation Name: Strissia
Leader Name: Isaacdnz
Currency: Currency Image
National Animal: National Animal Image
Continent: Asia
Land Area: 123,114.51 sq. km
Highest Peak: , 0 meters
Lowest Valley: , 0 meters
People & Society
Population: 2,912,688 people
Demonym: Strissian
Demonym Plural: Strissians
Ethnic Groups: - 0.0%
Languages: - 0.0%
Religions: - 0.0%
Life Expectancy: 0 years
Obesity: 0%
Alcohol Users: 0%
Tobacco Users: 0%
Cannabis Users: 0%
Hard Drug Users: 0%
Average Yearly Income: $165.03
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $2,922,645,800.00
GDP per Capita: $1,003.42
Gross National Income (GNI): $-642,279,185.00
Soldiers: 432,000
Tanks: 36,000
Aircraft: 2,160
Ships: 204
Missiles: 2
Nuclear Weapons: 0
Last Updated: 11/25/2019 04:49 am