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Sautekh-Dynastie is a nation led by Stormlord Imothek on the continent of Europe. Sautekh-Dynastie's government is a Oligarchy with very moderate social policies. Economically, Sautekh-Dynastie favors far left wing policies. The official currency of Sautekh-Dynastie is the Dollar. At 673 days old, Sautekh-Dynastie is an ancient nation. Sautekh-Dynastie has a population of 2,958,211 and a land area of 22,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 134.46. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

The Sautekh-Dynastie is the strongest one of many Necron-Dynasties which awake from its long sleep to reconquer the world/Galaxy.

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1)05/30/2020 03:18 pm Purple Flower Garden BankSautekh-DynastiePhezzan$234,887,989.00153,185.00853.002,407.003,306.006.001,410.002,716.0010,548.0013,551.0021,569.0027,487.00
2)04/13/2020 08:58 pm Arrgh BankSautekh-DynastieZyphorious$
3)02/08/2020 08:07 pm Arrgh BankSautekh-DynastieSilvereignz$
4)02/08/2020 07:40 am Arrgh BankSautekh-DynastieM34T_KurTinZ$41,323.0050.
5)01/29/2020 09:59 am BankSautekh-DynastieSehnsucht$
6)01/25/2020 08:56 pm Pantheon BankSautekh-Dynastie$,000.002,000.001,000.001,000.00
7)01/23/2020 07:13 am Pantheon BankSautekh-DynastieIliria$24,540,
8)01/14/2020 12:48 pm Pantheon BankSautekh-Dynastie$3,000,
9)01/13/2020 04:22 pm Pantheon BankSautekh-Dynastie$,000.003,000.001,000.002,000.00
10)01/05/2020 04:06 pm Pantheon BankSautekh-DynastieIliria$10,000,
11)01/05/2020 03:57 pm Pantheon BankSautekh-DynastieIliria$10,000,
12)01/05/2020 03:55 pm Pantheon BankSautekh-DynastieIliria$10,000,
13)12/11/2019 10:36 pm Pantheon BankSautekh-DynastieDibelia$40,000,,500.00
14)12/02/2019 09:37 am BankSautekh-DynastieBasebandia$
15)12/01/2019 08:04 am Pantheon BankSautekh-DynastieIliria$14,376,

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