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Sus Scrofaria

The Sounder of Sus Scrofaria is a nation led by Joza PigInZen on the continent of Africa. The Sounder of Sus Scrofaria's government is a Social Democracy with very liberal social policies. Economically, The Sounder of Sus Scrofaria favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of The Sounder of Sus Scrofaria is the Dollar. At 1,624 days old, The Sounder of Sus Scrofaria is an ancient nation. The Sounder of Sus Scrofaria has a population of 5,945,491 and a land area of 92,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 64.62. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

For the glory of Dio, bringing sand to the unwashed.

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1)07/21/2019 12:02 am New Pacific Order BankSus ScrofariaSpanish Inquisition$30,961.
2)07/20/2019 12:31 pm New Pacific Order BankSus ScrofariaAngmar$385,138.005.0016.0052.0060.002.00151.00189.0012.0028.00394.0045.00
3)07/16/2019 10:21 am New Pacific Order BankSus ScrofariaowoLand$521,278.00173.0089.0029.0056.004.00113.0060.0065.0092.0087.0027.00
4)07/16/2019 10:21 am New Pacific Order BankSus ScrofariaYuno$728,919.00242.00124.0041.0078.005.00158.0084.0092.00129.00122.0037.00
5)06/28/2019 04:12 am Guardian BankSus ScrofariaMovania$,000.000.00
6)06/23/2019 11:21 pm Guardian BankSus ScrofariaMovania$,000.000.00
7)06/20/2019 01:35 am Sus ScrofariaGuardian BankSus Scrofaria$0.00800,,,000.0040,000.0040,000.0065,000.00
8)06/15/2019 12:25 am Guardian BankSus ScrofariaDacta$
9)06/12/2019 11:17 pm Seven Kingdoms BankSus ScrofariaProvence$1,254,203.00606.003.005.0066.
10)05/30/2019 12:30 am Seven Kingdoms BankSus ScrofariaBrith$917,110.00402.000.000.0015.
11)05/29/2019 09:56 pm Seven Kingdoms BankSus ScrofariaWesteros$1,102,438.00511.000.000.0019.
12)05/29/2019 08:24 am BankSus ScrofariaSlav Republics$195,554.0013.001.000.00121.
13)02/25/2019 10:10 pm Guardian BankSus ScrofariaVanek$0.00100,,
14)02/11/2019 02:22 am Guardian BankSus ScrofariaVanek$209,886,
15)02/05/2019 10:44 pm Guardian BankSus ScrofariaVanek$99,757,946.

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