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Outer Heaven

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Outer Heaven is a nation led by Big Boss ArcKnox on the continent of South America. Outer Heaven's government is a Stratocracy with very authoritarian social policies. Economically, Outer Heaven favors far left wing policies. The official currency of Outer Heaven is the Bitcoin. At 3,424 days old, Outer Heaven is an ancient nation. Outer Heaven has a population of 1,731,125 and a land area of 74,120.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 23.36. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

SHEEP !@#$ BEST DAY OF MY LIFE If you send me a recruitment message and you're in range of me I'm going to suicide into you.

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Date Sender Receiver Banker Money Food Coal Oil Uranium Lead Iron Bauxite Gasoline Munitions Steel Aluminum
1)05/31/2024 03:03 pm Gamblers Anonymous BankOuter HeavenRyukyu$
2)04/30/2024 02:23 pm Gamblers Anonymous BankOuter HeavenRyukyu$
3)04/05/2024 02:38 pm Gamblers Anonymous BankOuter HeavenRyukyu$
4)03/30/2024 02:53 am Gamblers Anonymous BankOuter HeavenRyukyu$0.005,248.000.001,368.00230.
5)03/21/2024 09:09 pm Gamblers Anonymous BankOuter HeavenRyukyu$,000.0020,000.0024,000.0014,000.00
6)03/09/2024 11:47 pm Gamblers Anonymous BankOuter HeavenRyukyu$0.001,312.
7)03/09/2024 12:46 am Gamblers Anonymous BankOuter HeavenRyukyu$0.001,312.
8)03/08/2024 12:56 am Gamblers Anonymous BankOuter HeavenRyukyu$
9)03/04/2024 10:57 pm Gamblers Anonymous BankOuter HeavenRyukyu$0.001,312.000.00342.0058.
10)09/02/2022 03:27 am Outer HeavenThe Golden Horde BankOuter Heaven$,055.00
11)09/02/2022 03:23 am Outer HeavenThe Golden Horde BankOuter Heaven$,525.606,926.414,604.1610,056.90
12)09/02/2022 03:23 am Outer HeavenThe Golden Horde BankOuter Heaven$1,250,000.0042,727.090.001,374.
13)02/15/2020 04:22 am BankOuter HeavenOuter Heaven$,
14)02/12/2020 01:37 am Outer Heaven BankOuter Heaven$,
15)02/12/2020 01:37 am BankOuter HeavenOuter Heaven$,

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