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The Holy Empire of Juicebox is a nation led by Empress Yami Vi Britannia on the continent of North America. The Holy Empire of Juicebox's government is a Absolute Monarchy with very conservative social policies. Economically, The Holy Empire of Juicebox favors right wing policies. The official currency of The Holy Empire of Juicebox is the Energon Cubes. At 1,635 days old, The Holy Empire of Juicebox is an ancient nation. The Holy Empire of Juicebox has a population of 17,799,530 and a land area of 288,400.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 61.72. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.












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Date Sender Receiver Banker Money Food Coal Oil Uranium Lead Iron Bauxite Gasoline Munitions Steel Aluminum
1)09/25/2022 07:45 am JuiceboxHouse Stark BankJuicebox$0.000.0012.560.
2)07/31/2022 06:08 pm Name Withheld BankJuiceboxThe Abyss$939.
3)07/30/2022 06:23 pm BankJuiceboxWestern Union$
4)07/26/2022 10:03 pm The Knights Radiant BankJuiceboxThe Dark Lands$2,032,614.00566.0014.0018.0037.0025.0013.0031.00165.00168.0095.00175.00
5)07/25/2022 10:14 am The Immortals BankJuiceboxEmber Terra Imperium$3,837,973.002,823.00121.00175.00131.00218.00170.00234.00690.00383.00504.00589.00
6)07/24/2022 10:18 pm Grumpy Old Bastards BankJuiceboxAlrea$
7)07/19/2022 01:47 pm BankJuiceboxOld Republic$,000.0025,000.0010,000.0040,000.00
8)07/09/2022 08:13 am Black Knights BankJuiceboxThe Holy Britannian Empire$257,
9)07/05/2022 05:00 pm JuiceboxHouse Stark BankJuicebox$450,000,
10)07/05/2022 04:58 pm BankJuiceboxOld Republic$265,600,
11)07/05/2022 04:58 pm JuiceboxHouse Stark BankJuicebox$0.001,600,
12)05/18/2022 03:12 am BankJuiceboxOld Republic$2,700,000,
13)05/17/2022 06:44 pm JuiceboxHouse Stark BankJuicebox$1,085,000,
14)04/20/2022 10:46 pm JuiceboxHouse Stark BankJuicebox$1,500,000,
15)04/07/2022 01:23 am BankJuiceboxOld Republic$

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